When reading Leviathan Walks, it is hard to acknowledge that this book is based on real life events.

Hard to acknowledge that while some people seem to cruise along in their life journey seemingly without a care in the world, while others are fighting daily struggles. Struggles well hidden from the world. Forced smiles and daily pretenses that all is well. Meanwhile deep within, they are crying out just to be heard and accepted.

This book is about Sacrifice and Bravery. It’s about feeling lost and alone in the world while finding out where you belong. It is about being mentally abused and feeling as though God has abandoned you. It’s about struggles accepting a hurtful past, about being betrayed over and over again. It’s also about coming to the realization that the only way to heal from Spiritual attacks and battles was to have Faith and seeking Spiritual redemption.

Leviathan is a must read book for everyone going through struggles. You are not alone and you CAN overcome.

Marianne Rijavec

You’re holding in your hand a life-changing book. I believe that LEVITHIAN WALKS will help many people with answers and discoveries with unknown problems and mysteries. This book exposes satanic dark powers that have been obstructing and hindering the deliverance and freedom of many people.

In her book LEVITHIAN WALKS my Sister Candice uses her personal story to convey the healing power of faith and the importance of spiritual redemption.This book is a journey through the mind of a victim of abuse, her experience with betrayal, her loss of innocence and her eventual acceptance of her past.

LEVITHIAN WALKS Is best described as a book of deliverance insights and truths. The practical tips will bring awareness and consciousness to many Christians lives. This powerful book exposes generational sins, demonic legalities, curses, bloodline iniquities, ancestral altars, familiar spirits, and evil sin patterns that follow our lives. The author gives relevant steps on how to yield to the LOVE of our LORD to find true freedom.

It is true that one’s decisions will determine one’s destiny. My Sister Candice made a decision to have a fresh start and a new beginning. In this book she shares her struggles and her pains. She endured a life of emotional blackmail and she offers the reader HOPE through Jesus Christ.

Candice offers an invitation to followers of Christ who are seeking the Lord’s wisdom, intervention, and guidance. As we read LEVITHIAN WALKS we can learn about this powerful spiritual discipline delivered in a loving and caring way. We can discover a path that will lead us to the truth, the way, and the life that promises rest for hungering souls.

May this book change and transform your life Don’t give up, don’t quit.

Remember that I CAN, YOU CAN ….together WE CAN have a fresh start in Jesus Christ.

Dr Sebo David Molapo
President: I CAN Foundation

Dr David Molapo

“Leviathan Walks” is an eye opener into a very evil world that many people are not aware of. Candice’s testimony is not for the faint hearted but it’s a story you will never forget. I was completely immersed in this book and couldn’t put it down!

Carla Sclanders

The life story of Candice is like a thriller, or even a horror movie. You sit on the edge of your seat and get the scare of your life every time something happens. Then there are parts where things turn calm, and then you think: okay the is over… but then you jump out of your skin, because there is an unexpected twist.

This book is not for the faint hearted!

If you can look beyond the horror, you will see God’s hand weaving through a thin thread of mercy, grace and unconditional love. After every thriller episode, playing out in real life, God is there to help Candice back on her feet, once more.

We serve an amazing God who does not and will not give up on any of us. For this reason, we must never give up or turn our backs on Him.

All the hardships we go through, happens for a reason. Mostly, the reason is that we must share our stories and testimonies with others, so that they can arise out of the mud, and once again stand firm and emerge victorious in their emotional and spiritual battles.

May this book be the cause of many emotional and spiritual victories. May many receive restoration and inner healing.

Celest Humphreys