Time. Perfectly Irrelevant.

As most mornings go around 3am, I wake up with my mind on overdrive… sorting puzzle pieces and trying to make some kind of sense on some random topic or other. I think consciously, I have way too much on my mind; usually, a chaotic whirlwind of thoughts regarding work, life and everything in between,…


God & The Bizarre

So early hours of the morning… as it usually happens… inspiration hit. I have to write ANOTHER book, while I am still busy with one (The Best Friend). I even woke up with the Book Title: “God & The Bizzare“. Yes, odd title… but VERY fitting. It’s been told to me repeatedly for years now,…


My Phone Call From God

Wow. Let me start by saying that God hears EVERY word… EVEN when you don’t say anything at all… For the last several days, adding to the months prior, I have been bombarded with thoughts… confusion… questions… wondering… hoping… insights… and more. My mind has been flooded with TOO much… about TOO much. My mind…