It’s finally 2021. New Year. Time for a reboot. 2020 brought many tremendous challenges for everyone. Most people are doubting and fearful of what 2021 will bring after what last year encompassed. For me, yes, 2020 had incredible challenges BUT it was actually and, in all honesty, the best year of my life so far. I had MANY dramatic positive changes, both within myself and around me. 2020 was actually a really good year for me. For the most part, it was a loss of all that was not supposed to be but for the latter, the tables turned and brought about so many things that gave me excitement and hope for tomorrow and every day thereafter…

So what happens with a reboot? It’s a new start. Looking at a computer, a reboot is when you restart with hopes of better outcomes and a better performance after new “things” have been installed or “things” have been fixed. With what I have learnt in gardening, once you prune something, it only grows back stronger and healthier, with more beautiful or fresher outcomes. Taking in both these concepts and in looking at what happened in 2020, we all have a new start… taking things we have learnt (installed), to be better and stronger for the future; to have been fixed or to have lost (pruned) to only gain better and more beautiful outcomes in our lives.

These two concepts definitely hold strongly within myself. I got knocked down BUT I got stronger; I lost BUT I gained better than what I had in mind before; I got hurt BUT I received abundant hope and excitement for things ahead.

For the first time in my life AND for the first time at the start of a new year, I am loving life and excitedly looking forward to what 2021 brings. Yes, there will undoubtedly be lows and disappointments… it’s life; it’s not perfect… but there is ALWAYS a better tomorrow. 2020 definitely taught me that!

So what am I walking into 2021 with? Excitement… honestly, I am IMPATIENTLY excited… because I know THIS YEAR is going to be awesome!

What do I have planned for 2021? Other than work, turning my garden into an oasis and finishing my two books, while contemplating a 3rd book (kid’s book)… I am hitting my “Bucket List” again and decided to learn to play guitar (skateboarding is done and dusted off the list now, and luckily with nothing broken)… And then some things I won’t mention, which ultimately hold the peak of my excitement.

Let this be your year! Take what you have learnt and be wiser and stronger. Take the knocks and scars and remind yourself that you made it despite the odds. Chase your dreams, don’t give up because you will finally make it. Be true to who YOU are; NOT who anyone else says you should be or should not be. Follow your heart. Don’t live with regrets! DARE to be FEARLESS!