Cecilia Steyn, The All Powerful

Cecilia Steyn was never short of extensive claims over her life, especially when it came to her occult related abilities. The top 10 claimed abilities… some I had personally witnessed, some of which others witnessed… and others, outright lies. All of which leaves me questioning, “Who REALLY is Cecilia Steyn?”

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. BREAKTHROUGH Insight! (Part 1)

MINDSPLAT! Can someone explain this away because none of us could!? Not even investigators or the prosecutor could. VERY weird events with Cecilia Steyn that no one knows about.

PLUS … A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH insight into helping people understand how we were so easily fooled!!

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn (Part 2)

More memories surfacing about Cecilia Steyn and astralling events… including intriguing thoughts I have about it after having left her.

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. Dreams & God (Part 3)

The “weird and bizarre” moments kept extending regarding astralling topics with Cecilia Steyn… which still keep me wondering if they were just dreams or if they were real, yet it is impossible for me to deny them… especially with the vast amount of extreme evidence… and the bigger question being, “Was Cecilia Steyn trying to kill me while I was her friend?” … Except now, in what I relate, God obviously kept stepping in to save me…

Hand / Finger Marks: Just one set of photos taken (after waking up), after having been held under water… “in my sleep”. Very clear finger marks. With each scenario, the photos of the evidence is very similar. Doesn’t appear to have “just been a dream”…

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. A Horrendous Moment (Part 4)

As I began my trip to Krugersdorp, memory after memory came flooding back to me. This was the first memory that hit me; a scenario that was both dreadful to witness and left me with questions in my mind… was it astralling… or how on earth could Cecilia Steyn know?

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. The Boundary Point (Part 5)

A place that so many people visit daily; a place that was held as the “boundary point” for those in Cecilia Steyn’s group… and added, for me personally, it was supposedly the “knowing” of Cecilia Steyn when I was on my way to see her. Again the questions come up… was it astralling? Or how did she know?

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn (Part 6)

Another scenario recalled, regarding Cecilia Steyn and astralling events. Did she astral? Or how did she know? The scale of “proven-true” events was starting to outweigh the “unproven” claims that she had over her life… ultimately, leaving you confused and starting to believe the lies.

Astralling & Cecilia Steyn. Did She Kill My Cat? (Part 7)

With all the bizarre events regarding Cecilia Steyn and astralling… and with how Cecilia Steyn would victimize animals… and with the extremes Cecilia Steyn would go to in order to manipulate and control people… Was she the one who killed my cat?

This event happened directly after I was becoming a “loose end” for Cecilia Steyn, where I started confronting her and she started retaliating to punish me.

Raped By Her Father, Through Her Husband

There was no limit to the extreme lies and vast amounts of evidence, from Cecilia Steyn, for the claims she had over her life and the things that happened to her… even her own family was used as a means to fool people… and even if it meant self-inflicted abuse too.