The Lie With The MOST EXTREME Evidence

Of all the lies that Cecilia Steyn had ever told, this one was the MOST dramatic attempt that she had ever gone to, in trying to get people to believe all her lies. How could you not believe it? It was LEGITIMATELY REAL blood…

Raped By Her Father, Through Her Husband

There was no limit to the extreme lies and vast amounts of evidence, from Cecilia Steyn, for the claims she had over her life and the things that happened to her… even her own family was used as a means to fool people… and even if it meant self-inflicted abuse too.

Questionable Events At The Doctors

Visiting these doctors’ rooms was an almost weekly event. What should be a “normal” trip to a doctor, was definitely never the case with Cecilia Steyn.

The Doctor That Was Confused

Just one of the many doctors that we were all led to believe that attended to Cecilia Steyn’s severe heart and lung problems… however, this specific doctor was definitely confused with any “issues” regarding that.

It Was Dangerous Being A Woman Around Cecilia Steyn

It was dangerous being a woman around Cecilia Steyn… resulting in complications, arguments and attacks… but more so, it entailed devastating consequences for Marcel Steyn.

Cecilia Steyn, No Pulse

Cecilia Steyn needed to control everyone and everything around her, and that even included her own body… to “do as told, without question or hesitation”… even if it meant she would end up killing herself. There was no extreme she would not go to, in order to get people to believe her lies.

Cecilia Steyn Caught Outside Of Her “Occult Boundaries”

Everyone in Cecilia Steyn’s group was well aware of her supposed boundaries set by the occult. She was “never able” to travel outside of them because she would ultimately stop breathing and die. This is the first time I was outside of the boundaries with Cecilia Steyn… without her even realizing it… until I mentioned it.

Witnessing Cecilia Steyn’s Fool Proof Methods

This street, in Krugersdorp, was one that Cecilia Steyn had taken me to so many times during our supposed friendship. Little did I know was that I was watching the mastermind in action, carrying out just one of her fool proof methods that was ultimately one of the main things that kept us believing her lies about her horrid health status and supposed claims for being attacked by the occult.

Investigator’s Utter Brilliance In Catching Cecilia Steyn Out

After about a decade of Cecilia Steyn fooling so many people about her health claims and health scares, the investigators caught Cecilia Steyn out in a most humorous scenario… YET SHE STILL HAS NO IDEA!