Questionable Events At The Doctors

Visiting these doctors’ rooms was an almost weekly event. What should be a “normal” trip to a doctor, was definitely never the case with Cecilia Steyn.

When The Crimes REALLY Started

The vast majority of the world thinks that the crimes committed by the Krugersdorp Killers started only a few years ago, BUT they had already started during the time that I was still best friends with Cecilia Steyn; although, I was completely unaware, at that stage, that it was Cecilia committing these crimes. And for all I know, these crimes had started even before I had met her too. Cecilia Steyn TOO OFTEN spoke about the murders she had committed in her life, bragging about them; all while claiming that she had only committed the murders because the occult had forced her to do it. The ways in which she had described these past murders was EXACTLY the same way that the recent victims were killed; those mentioned during trial and the countless others that were not mentioned too.

When I Found Out About The Murders

Answering the question about when I legitimately knew that Cecilia Steyn was committing murders, along with the other crimes. The puzzle pieces of what I knew during our friendship, versus the truth that finally came out years later.

Lizette’s Existence & The “Famous” Hotel Cecilia Steyn Used

Dumbfounded, yet not surprised in finding out Lizette actually exists… that she is real, unlike the numerous people Cecilia Steyn fabricated. Disturbing thoughts: Where is she and is she in hiding because she is guilty or because she found out the truth of Cecilia Steyn and feared for her life?

The “famous” hotel in Krugersdorp that Cecilia Steyn used too often… to hide real people, fabricated people and possibly her victims that were later killed. Bizarre exaggerated “movie like” scenarios occurred at this hotel, especially regarding Lizette.

Sexuality In The Group. Clearing Up The Facts

The sick and twisted dynamic of the sexuality in Cecilia Steyn’s group, as well as her family. Clearing up the facts, and speaking up on behalf of Ria Grunewald about the so-called “lover’s spat”.

Marinda Steyn Lies About Me On The Stand

With Marinda Steyn trying to discredit me as a viable witness, she ends up giving me far more credit without realizing it. Her unbelievable lie about me on the stand, during the trial, is both humorous and a major backfire on her behalf.

The Different Murders & Why

With a count of over 40 murders by the Krugersdorp Killers, there was a lot of confusion and speculation as to why the murders were done so differently and, even more so, with regards to the victims themselves. Why were the murders done so differently and how were the victims selected?

Your Life A Means To An End

The scenario with Zak Valentine faking his death, and Cecilia Steyn being the sole beneficiary, wasn’t the only scenario like this. No one was safe. Each person’s life was a means to an end. If you couldn’t benefit Cecilia Steyn while you were alive, then she would make sure that your death would still ultimately benefit her.

Why Reginald Bendixen Was Murdered

Since 2012, there was no evidence leading to who had committed Reginald Bendixen’s murder, even though the evidence was actually in “plain sight”. He was murdered all because of one main reason…

RIP beloved mentor and friend, Reginald Bendixen.

*WARNING / SENSITIVE* The Worst Murder Committed By Cecilia Steyn

Before you listen to this audio, please, please brace yourself. It was extremely hard for me to relate – taking a number of pauses & deep breaths because of tears choking me up. This is by far the most sadistic murder committed by Cecilia Steyn and her group. It was never mentioned during trial, but there was enough evidence. It is highly sadistic, sick and twisted. Please brace yourself if you’re going to listen to it.

*WARNING / SENSITIVE* The Boy Who Was Murdered

As far as I know, this boy’s murder was not mentioned during the Krugersdorp Killers trial.

This boy had known Cecilia Steyn since he was very, very young. He grew up knowing Cecilia… he saw her as a safe person… he trusted her… he saw her as a “friend”… but he was killed in an extremely gruesome way, all because he wanted to live a normal life. He was not part of her group and he was not deemed as a threat… he just, merely, did not “do as told”… even as simple as it was. This murder was “set up” to look like a suicide.

This is the reality of the fear that runs through the minds of those who knew Cecilia Steyn; the few who are left and are in hiding. They know more and most wanted to expose her.

(Names and more extensive details of this boy’s murder are withheld out of respect for his family and loved ones.)

Cecilia Steyn Killed My Friend

I had never spoken about this with anyone except for the investigators. The reason I hadn’t spoken about it, is possibly because I still battle to accept the reality that my friend is dead; Cecilia Steyn had killed him shortly after I had left her. I can understand the loss and anger that the families of these victims feel; I lost someone close to me too. There was NO area or avenue in my life that Cecilia Steyn has not effected. My friend wanted to expose Cecilia Steyn; he knew her too. His name was amongst the long list of victims that suffered because of Cecilia; there were more than 40 murders already counted only mid-way into the investigation – and the count was still climbing. Only a handful of murders were mentioned during the trial, simply because if every murder had to be covered, the trial would never end and the investigators deemed it more important to get the Krugersdorp Killers behind bars and sentenced for life as fast as possible.

*WARNING* Hitmen. The Terrifying Reality

This is something that was never talked about before, at least not publicly. The terrifying fact that there were and possibly still hitmen out there doing Cecilia Steyn’s biddings. This whole story is very far from over…

The Unmentioned Murders

Answering the question about what will happen regarding the murders that were not mentioned during the trial when Cecilia Steyn and her group had been sentenced.
(Names and more extensive details of this boy’s murder are withheld out of respect for his family and loved ones.)

Investigator’s Utter Brilliance In Catching Cecilia Steyn Out

After about a decade of Cecilia Steyn fooling so many people about her health claims and health scares, the investigators caught Cecilia Steyn out in a most humorous scenario… YET SHE STILL HAS NO IDEA!

Threats & Attempts At Killing Le Roux, While In Prison

After Cecilia Steyn and Marinda Steyn heard Le Roux began revealing information, during investigation, they began sending him “coded” death threats… which, ultimately, soon after, resulted in numerous attempts at trying to kill Le Roux as well. Despite the fact that Cecilia and Marinda were separated from Le Roux, while in prison, this did not stop or hinder their attempts… if it wasn’t for an “insider” leaking information, Le Roux would have lost his life because he willfully chose to speak up for justice.

Why Marcel Steyn FINALLY Spoke Up

In investigators tirelessly trying to get any type of feedback from Marcel Steyn, all they encountered, for 4 years, was a “drone like” response; a dead end. Marcel was deemed as a hopeless case. But she finally chose to speak, just as the trial was finalizing. Marcel had finally realized the truth behind Cecilia Steyn’s lies after she FINALLY was able to receive the letter I had written her.

Damned If They Did & Damned If They Did Not

Le Roux Steyn and Marcel Steyn were “damned if the did and damned if they did not” since early childhood. Their own mother, Marinda Steyn, would not have hesitated in taking their lives, even if she saw an inkling of a lack of loyalty to Cecilia Steyn. When first being brought into the murders, Le Roux and Marcel fearfully obeyed the instructions “to kill” because, regardless of their choice, the victims would have been killed either way. However, during the trial, Le Roux and Marcel willfully confessed, knowing that they could and would still be killed at any moment afterwards for speaking the truth.