Andrea, Another Non-Fabricated Person. Where Is She?

In finding out about Lizette’s existence, I couldn’t help but question another person I kept hearing of in the first 2-3 weeks of knowing Cecilia… Andrea. Was she real? Yes! But like my questions regarding Lizette: where is Andrea and is she in hiding because she is guilty or because she found out the truth of Cecilia Steyn and feared for her life?

A disturbing memory that I now know is legitimate, or at least from a legitimate person… and yet again, someone who was helping Cecilia Steyn fool people.

The Night Andrea Was Supposed To Be Rescued

Within the first 2-3 weeks of knowing Cecilia Steyn, I experienced a scenario that baffled me for a very long time. Cecilia Steyn was on a mission to rescue Andrea before Halloween, to save her from being killed. The events that were related were overwhelming, yet confusing. They were so realistic, yet exaggerated… despite the confusion and questions in my mind, no one dared contradict what Cecilia Steyn said happened… but looking back now, I know why no one ever said that the whole scenario never actually happened… even though others had gone with Cecilia Steyn to help rescue Andrea, in the middle of an occult ritual.

Lizette – Is She Real? Is She Still Out There?

Aside from Cecilia Steyn falsely portraying that she has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), there were numerous other fake people that Cecilia led “her group” to believe actually existed too. “They” all had names, faces (from photos), professions, personal history, mannerisms and more; full rounded personalities that actually depicted that “these people” exist. “They” communicated with Cecilia’s group, including Cecilia herself, on a daily basis through text; sending updates, instructions and threats – All while none of us knew, at the time, that it was actually Cecilia Steyn herself sending these messages. Amongst all these “fake people”, there are scenarios I encountered that raise the worrying question if the person, Lizette, MIGHT actually exist… And if she is real, where is she?

SHOCKING NEW UPDATE: LIZETTE ACTUALLY EXISTS! And she is still out there! (Source will not be revealed)

Lizette’s Existence & The “Famous” Hotel Cecilia Steyn Used

Dumbfounded, yet not surprised in finding out Lizette actually exists… that she is real, unlike the numerous people Cecilia Steyn fabricated. Disturbing thoughts: Where is she and is she in hiding because she is guilty or because she found out the truth of Cecilia Steyn and feared for her life?

The “famous” hotel in Krugersdorp that Cecilia Steyn used too often… to hide real people, fabricated people and possibly her victims that were later killed. Bizarre exaggerated “movie like” scenarios occurred at this hotel, especially regarding Lizette.

The Truth That Would Break Marinda Steyn’s Allegiance To Cecilia Steyn

The lie that built the foundation for Marinda Steyn’s allegiance to Cecilia Steyn; the truth that would set it all crumbling down… and, possibly, get Marinda Steyn to confess even more about what Cecilia Steyn had done. The disturbing obsession that led to undying loyalty, all because Cecilia Steyn was the closest Marinda Steyn had to the “tangible lie”.