Strange events happen your life,
some beyond your control.
They bind you
and cause you to stumble,
not allowing you to see
what happens before you.

They cause you to doubt
and to fear,
to question
and to break inside.

You end up in a world
where nothing makes sense,
and each time
you get closer to the truth,
you get shoved back inside,
and beaten harder than before,
causing you to fear
the questions
that run
through your mind.

you wait for an answer.

you cry out to be saved.

you wait for someone to notice,
to see,
what goes on deep inside.

But you hide behind a mask
so that no one will know.

In the deep of the night,
you pull the covers over your head.
You give silent cries for help,
for someone to save you,
to take away
the torment and the pain,
that eats you up inside;
To take you out of the misery
and to take away
the chains
that hold you down.
You think
no one notices.

You think
no one will understand.

… But you’re wrong.

Through the lies,
through the tears,
through the pain…

has been watching.

has seen it all.

has been waiting for you
to want to be free.

has Their hand stretched out,
waiting for you to take hold…
All along.
But you still
sit there,
frozen in fear,
unable to move,
unable to speak.

But still desperate
for freedom,
but also
with no strength
to reach back.

So God sends
an Angel,
a Messenger,
a Warrior,
to rescue you,
to snatch you out,
to give you hope,
to give you freedom,
to help you up,
to enable you
to fight again.
The fears of the past
and the doubt of tomorrow,
are wiped away,
like a single tear
on a cheek,
and through
one warm embrace
of the Father’s love,
all hope is restored
and a new life begins;
But this time,
guided by the Father’s Hand
and given freedom,
to fly,
on the wings of eagles.