Knife shoved through my arm,
ripped from elbow to wrist;
Let it not be put back together;
Let it bleed me out.

Swallow broken glass,
fragments so tiny I cannot see,
slowly killing me inside;
No one can stop it;
Guaranteed to die.

Handful of pills,
make me high,
make me drowsy,
slowly slip away
into a deep sleep,
a never ending coma;
Peaceful but never to awake again.

Racing through the streets,
dodging cars,
one sharp turn,
a cliff,
an edge;
No way to turn back.

So many ways.
No guts to do it.
Fear traps me here.
I can’t let go.
I won’t.
No matter.

I wish these thoughts would stop
haunting me,
hurting me,
chasing me down;
Waiting ‘til I tire…
Then it’s over.