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A Horrendous Moment

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Traffic Lights Intersection
Corner of the R28 Highway and Hendrik Potgieter Road, Krugersdorp

During one of my usual trips to visit Cecilia, a very unexpected and horrendous event happened. On that will more than likely be embedded within me for years.

It was peak hour traffic. No cars were moving. Backed up… bumper to bumper. Cars everywhere. As the traffic light turns green, the cars begin to move. I begin to drive. A pedestrian suddenly runs across the street. There were two cars in front of me, one of which suddenly hits the pedestrian. The pedestrian was hit so hard that he flung up into the air at least about 10 feet from the ground… his body spun, in mid-air, several times… landing flat, with his face on the ground. He was dead instantly on impact. This all happened so fast… a matter of seconds. I saw him… lying there… dead. People rushed to his body. I carried on driving. I was numb… shocked… in disbelief. I had just witnessed someone die right in front of me. I was shaking.

When I arrived at Cecilia’s flat shortly after that, I was very quiet. I was still shaking. Cecilia and Ria were in a heavy discussion, so I do not think they had even realized I had been quiet for so long. Eventually, I broke my silence and said, “You will never guess what happened when I was on the way to you…”

Cecilia looked at me and casually responded, “A guy was hit running across the street. He flew up into the air and when he hit the ground, he died immediately.”

I was stunned to silence. I do not think I even nodded or said, “Yes.” Ria appeared surprised at what I had witnessed but she was not surprised that Cecilia already just knew about it.

Cecilia casually brushed the topic aside and carried on with her discussion with Ria. I was left questioning. How did she know? This event had just happened. I had not spoken a word to anyone about it… but she already knew.

All these years later, this scenario is one I cannot explain away logically, except to say that this would fall into Cecilia’s claims of her having been with me as an astral, while I would be driving my car, or perhaps, her claimed telepathy ability.