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Electronics Unplugged

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This was just an ordinary day, a workday. I was completely alone and preoccupied on my computer, persisting on trying to finish a job for one of my clients… but my computer was lagging, the internet was slow, and the job was hard. It was a frustrating day, but I persisted. I needed to get the job done.

While zoned out into my work, suddenly my computer switched off. Immediately, I assumed the power for the house had cut. So, I jumped off my chair to go test the light switches in the room. The lights went on. Confused, but not too much. Something on the electrical board might have tripped certain outlets for the house. I went to the electrical board… everything was on. Confused again. I went to go check on all the other electronics in the house. The refrigerator was still on. The kettle went on. The TV went on… so, why did my computer off? Immediately, I assumed that perhaps the computer was faulting. So, I went back to it and pressed the on button. It did not go on. Nothing lit up. There was silence. Again, I pressed the button. Again, nothing happened. I began checking the wires at the back of the computer screen. None had come out. Surely, it must be a fault with one of the wires. So, I began checking them… until my eyes glanced over the main power chord for the computer. It had been pulled out of the wall. But how? This plug was one of those stubborn plugs. You had to fight to pull it out of the wall. But here it is lying on the floor. I stood there in confusion for a few minutes… shook my head, picked up the plug and pushed it back into the wall. I took a deep breath and pressed the computer button. It went on. Dumbstruck. I just sat on my chair, blankly staring at my computer screen. How was this possible?

My phone beeped. There was a message from Cecilia telling me to phone her, so I did. One ring of the phone and Cecilia answered in hysterical laughter. I was confused.

“What’s so funny?”

“Anya said you were ignoring her when she wanted to play. You were being boring, just working, so she got frustrated and pulled the plug out of the wall so your computer would go off…” … and Cecilia carried on laughing even harder.

She was not wrong… not about the plug being pulled out of the wall… and not about the computer going off. I had experienced too many astral-related scenarios with Cecilia. This was a new one for me… but by this point, I shrugged it off as just another day with astrals…