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The Boundary Point, A Point Of Knowing

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Traffic lights by Key West Shopping Centre
Corner of Paardekraal Drive and Viljoen Street/Voortrekker Road, Krugersdorp

An ordinary traffic location for many people but a boundary point and a point of knowing for Cecilia Steyn. This very area is just one of the many boundary points that the occult had set for Cecilia’s entrapment within Krugersdorp. This was the furthest part of Krugersdorp that Cecilia could reach before her lungs would collapse on her, and she would stop breathing. This very area was also the very point of Cecilia knowing when I was on my way to see her. She could sense my presence as soon as I was within a certain radius from her flat.

In the beginning of having met Cecilia, I honestly did not believe that she could automatically sense when I was nearby. I wanted to prove that this was impossible… even if it was at least to myself.

Every time I was on my way to visit Cecilia, I made a point of leaving home at a different time and I drove at different speeds, all with the purpose of me arriving at this very location at a different time. Even before I would visit Cecilia, I would purposely send her a text message at different times… sometimes before I had left… sometimes at the exact time I was leaving… and sometimes even when I was almost at this very location in Krugersdorp. I wanted to test this claim… because it was impossible. But… each time I reached these traffic lights, predictably, I would receive a text message from Cecilia telling me that she knows where I am because she can sense me… every time… at the exact moment that I would arrive at these traffic lights. The more that Cecilia did this, the more I tried to prove that it was impossible… yet, every time, without fail, I would receive a text message at the exact same moment that I would arrive at this exact same area.

All these years later, I still have no logical explanation as to how Cecilia could have known when I would reach this area. I had always driven in my car alone and I had purposely mixed up the scenarios to prove her wrong. I do not think that Cecilia had the ability to sense my presence within a certain radius, but I do question if this particular type of scenario then becomes part of her telepathy or astral projection abilities.