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The Kawasaki Ninja Astral Accident

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A number of months had gone by, where Cecilia had repeatedly ridden her Kawasaki Ninja around the block daily… and sometimes, even further than she was allowed to. She was reckless at riding it. Cecilia lived for this motorcycle. It was her pride and joy. No one would be able to take it from her or get her to stop using it.

I had ridden on the back of this motorcycle, with Cecilia, on several occasions. One of which, should have resulted in a horrendous accident. Cecilia rode around the block and suddenly, without warning, the bike jolted and almost collapsed to the ground. My nerves were a reck. I was stunned speechless and shaking.

Immediately, we went back to the flat and walked inside. Ria was there waiting for us, and she could clearly see something was horribly wrong.

In a panic, she asks, “What happened?”

“That bloody occult! One of them astralled to hit me while I was on the bike, and we almost fell off of it! My bike could have been damaged!” Shouted Cecilia.

My nerves were still on edge, and I was still shaking. But now I knew what had happened. I felt the jolt. It was unusual. It did feel like something hit the bike hard from the one side.

Ria panicking even more, asks, “But… are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

“Yea I’m fine! My bike got busted a bit and now I have to fix it… ughhhh…” Cecilia angrily moaned, while pacing the floor.

Ria looked at me, but I remained silent. I was still shaking so much. There and then, I told myself that I would never get back onto the motorcycle with Cecilia again. We could have gotten horribly hurt.

After I had left Cecilia’s place to go home, I decided to go back to the very spot where we had been hit. I wanted to double check the road. Perhaps there was a stone there? Perhaps the ground was uneven? Surely, something else must have caused the almost accident, other than an astral attacking us… yet, when I went back, there was absolutely nothing. The road was perfectly fine.