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Toy Story “Comes To Life”

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There was always one teddy bear that would be on my bed, no matter where I lived. It had been given to me by my Nonna (Grandmother), long before I had ever met Cecilia. It was big and soft enough to snuggle into, whenever I would go to sleep. This same teddy bear still remained on my bed, even after meeting Cecilia. Cecilia would often tell me, and the others in her group, that her little ones liked to astral into teddy bears because they felt safe. More specifically, they seemed to like being inside of my specific teddy bear because I would hold it while I slept. The little ones liked being held.

I had never taken this concept completely to heart. I had no doubt, by this point, that I was constantly surrounded by astrals. But teddy bears, themselves, had always been something I liked personally. So, personally, it was nothing personal. I did not even try visualizing or even think about the fact that a little one would be inside of my teddy bear when I went to sleep at night.

One particular day, it was rather cold. I sat in front of the TV… blanket, teddy bear and all. I was comfy. I was warm. There was nothing more to it.

My brother had gone to make lunch in the kitchen and then called me to the table because he wanted to talk, while he ate. So, I sat by him… with the blanket and teddy bear. We were in a humorous discussion that went on for ages. My brother then makes a funny statement… and suddenly, the teddy bear’s leg kicked up high off my leg. I had not seen it. But I felt the motion of it. My brother’s eyes were big. He stopped eating and just stared at the bear. Finally, he said, “Did you just see that?”

Pretending not to know what he was talking about, I said, “See what?”

“The teddy bear just kicked it’s leg!” His eyes were big. He was dumbstruck. Confused… but dumbstruck. Fascinated… but dumbstruck.

I looked down at the teddy bear and just said, “Oh… okay…” and laughed it off as nonsense, hoping to distract him from the obvious.

The conversation carried on between us. My brother still eyeing out the teddy bear now and then. The conversation got diverted… we had both forgotten about the teddy bear. My brother made another funny statement… and the teddy bear kicked its leg again. This time I saw it.

My brother’s eyes got big again, but this time, he excitedly exclaimed, “You saw it! Tell me you saw it! Its leg moved again!”

I looked down at the teddy bear and I looked back at my brother. I laughed and said, “This is weird… a teddy bear that movies… maybe toy story is real after all…”

At that last remark, we both just laughed.