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Astralling Events

The Boundary Point, A Point Of Knowing

An ordinary traffic location for many people but a boundary point and a point of knowing for Cecilia Steyn. This very area is just one of the many boundary points that the occult had set for Cecilia’s entrapment within Krugersdorp.…

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The Unexplained Holiday Trip

Not long after having met Cecilia, I had decided to go on holiday with one of my friends. We had gone to a very remote destination. We were in the middle of nowhere. Long winding roads… mountains, trees, and bushes……

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A Horrendous Moment

During one of my usual trips to visit Cecilia, a very unexpected and horrendous event happened. On that will more than likely be embedded within me for years. It was peak hour traffic. No cars were moving. Backed up… bumper…

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The Little Ones Start Misbehaving

In the first few months, whenever I had been at home and someone, from my family was with me, there would be nothing astral related happening. The astrals would behave, so that no one else would know that they were…

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Toy Story “Comes To Life”

There was always one teddy bear that would be on my bed, no matter where I lived. It had been given to me by my Nonna (Grandmother), long before I had ever met Cecilia. It was big and soft enough…

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Electronics Unplugged

This was just an ordinary day, a workday. I was completely alone and preoccupied on my computer, persisting on trying to finish a job for one of my clients… but my computer was lagging, the internet was slow, and the…

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The Kawasaki Ninja Astral Accident

A number of months had gone by, where Cecilia had repeatedly ridden her Kawasaki Ninja around the block daily… and sometimes, even further than she was allowed to. She was reckless at riding it. Cecilia lived for this motorcycle. It…

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