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Group Dynamics

The “Friendship Group”

Whenever someone was to be introduced to Cecilia Steyn, an interview had to be setup beforehand, and this was never to be done at Cecilia’s flat. Before meeting this person, Cecilia needed a full extensive breakdown of who this person…

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Overcomers Through Christ

The aim is to destroy the works of the enemy that has long enough held God’s people in bondage. We will achieve this by breaking down the hierarchy of the kingdom of darkness within the West Rand. ~ Overcomers Through…

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Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy was a training course that was registered under Overcomers Through Christ. Ria’s sole purpose in forming Know Your Enemy was to help educate other people, so that they could help other occult victims. With Ria trying to…

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Know Your Saviour

Ria’s aim in life was always to serve God, and to lead others to Him. In finding out that Know Your Enemy was educating people into becoming more occult-like, rather than educating them on how to rescue people away from…

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Electus Per Deus

Electus Per Deus (EPD) translated from Latin, means, “Chosen By God.” This should have more accurately been translated as Chosen By god, not God. This is the god that Cecilia Steyn follows, or she was, ultimately, referencing herself to be…

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Are These Groups Connected?

All of these groups are connected, but are also not connected at the same time: Ria founded Overcomers Through Christ, and through her ministry outreach, she met Cecilia Steyn. Through the ministry classes that were held, people wanted to meet…

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