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Introduction & Overview

Why I Choose To Speak Up

“Silence gives consent,” could not be a more accurate phrase when it comes Cecilia Steyn. Throughout countless scenarios, each of us, who were in her group, remained silent because we were still trying to wrap our reality around her bizarre…

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I Am Not A Hero

Since being involved in the Krugersdorp Killer’s case, I have received countless overwhelming responses from so many people across the globe. I have honestly lost count of how many messages I have received. Person after person sent incredibly supportive messages.…

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Call it satanism… I say, Cecilia Steyn. Call it a horror movie… I say, Cecilia Steyn. Call it overly dramatic… I say, Cecilia Steyn. Call it exaggerated… I say, Cecilia Steyn. Call it impossible… I say, Cecilia Steyn. Call it…

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