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Starting To See The Truth

The Quadbikes

One day, not too long after Cecilia got a Kawasaki Ninja, I had gone to the back of the flats with Cecilia to where the cars are parked. As we approached the motorcycle, my eyes widened, and confusion hit me.…

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The House

Nearing the end of 2009, Cecilia had managed to accumulate enough money, in a bank account, to put down a deposit payment for a house. Cecilia had never mentioned a word of it to me, until the day I witnessed…

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The Kawasaki Ninja. Sold?

Several years had passed and the financial strain had become quite a burden. Dries’ salary was not enough. I could not keep up with the financial requirements for the medication that Cecilia constantly needed. I was at wits end and…

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The Bead Shop. Scare Tactics

Every time I visited Cecilia, the first thing she would always persist on doing is driving around Krugersdorp. Simply, just driving. Up and down the same roads… over and over again. After doing these routes for over three years, several…

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Witnessing Cecilia’s Foolproof Methods

Into the third year of knowing Cecilia Steyn, she had insisted that we go to the Netcare Hospital, on Burger Street, which was across from her flat. There she went to the pharmacy and bought a pair of gloves and…

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The Occult High Night Cecilia Messed Up

With every occult high night, Ria and several members of Cecilia’s group would be present, with Cecilia, at her flat. Ria was present the vast majority of the time, while the other members would rotate in taking turns, in order…

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