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The “Fabricated” People


Within the first few days of having met Cecilia, I had heard the name Andrea many times. I had no idea what was going on, except for the fact that I knew it was something important. I was still a…

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By this point, Lizette was on friendly terms with Cecilia. Lizette had decided she wanted to escape from the occult, but she had to do it in subtle ways. She had to keep up the guise of trying to kill…

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Marinda’s John

Soon after Marinda was introduced into Cecilia’s group, Cecilia sent me a text message while I was at home, asking for me to find several photos of good-looking men. These men had to be random, and unrecognizable. I did not…

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Cecilia’s “Mother’s” Twin. The Panic

There were many moments, throughout my friendship with Cecilia Steyn, that confused me, but the confusion was always met with seemingly logical answers from her… or answers, that were too exhausting to even try comprehending… I was, after all, still…

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Horus And Ra

Since Cecilia came from a 42 generational lineage, dating back to Ramses II, she had a very strong Egyptian bloodline. Cecilia was very Egyptian based when it came to many things, including occult beliefs and practices. A number of her…

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