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The “Introduction”

Ria Grunewald

Ria Grunewald is one of the exceptionally few people that I have ever known who is wholeheartedly genuine, sincere, compassionate, and completely selfless. I count it as a privilege and honour to have had her in my life. Ria vibrates…

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Hearing About Cecilia Steyn

I had reached a time in my life where I was trying to embrace and heal the trauma from my past, and my first instinct was to reach out to Ria, simply, because I knew that I would be safe……

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Why I Ultimately Met Cecilia Steyn

Before I had met Cecilia Steyn, I had constantly wrestled with this issue tremendously. I was honestly scared about meeting her, especially after everything Ria had told me. I was also told that anyone, who meets Cecilia, the occult then…

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The First Time I Met Cecilia Steyn

Once I had confirmed with Ria that I would meet Cecilia, a date and time was set. I had met with Ria at her place in Florida, Roodepoort, first. We decided to drive in two cars, so I proceeded to…

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