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The Money

Financial Assets Frozen

In the early stages of getting to know Cecilia, it was no secret, already, that those who were in the occult, were exceptionally wealthy. They held high statuses and high job profiles in society. The reason that most people achieved…

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The Royalties From ABSA

Early discussions with Cecilia involved a variety of topics, which is generally the case when you first get to know a person. One of the normal things is to ask what type of work a person does. Asking this question,…

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In the beginning of meeting Cecilia, she only had one tattoo: a dragon on her shoulder. Cecilia was always overly and excessively proud of her tattoo, even though it just looked like a simple tribal dragon tattoo. Eventually, curiosity got…

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Dries Gets A Promotion?

Quite a few months into knowing Cecilia, she and Dries wanted to go on a shopping spree with their children. Cecilia wanted to do it on a day where I was supposed to look after her… so I had to…

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The Kawasaki Ninja

Through the months of knowing Cecilia, I had met numerous family members of hers. I had seen them so many times that they all became somewhat familiar to me. Some were dangerous and some were merely loving family members. On…

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