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Occult Claims And Occult Abilities

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Cecilia was obsessed with horror and supernatural movies, especially if they were extreme and gruesome. Within the course of just one year, there were over 100 printed out pages of movies that Cecilia had rented from a DVD shop. Her obsession was extreme. She thrived on them. The thrill was always obvious on her face. The sadistic scenarios from these movies were embedded as part of her life. This is who she wanted to be. This was the life she wanted. The worse the movies were, the worse her life became… including what had happened to her in her past.

Cecilia had to resort to using images from movies to prove that she was a generational witch. That, in itself, is evidence to prove otherwise. Her supposed abilities, such as walking on water and transforming into a werewolf/wolf, were merely fantasized from movies in order to create her life. Additionally, fake fangs from a costume shop were used to cause others to believe she was able to transform into a werewolf/wolf or a vampire, at any given time.

Considering the murders committed, even if Cecilia did not want to get her hands dirty, according to her own claims, she could have killed any person through a variation of means, according to the abilities and knowledge that she had. However, she needed to use other people in order to carry out her plans.

Cecilia’s supposed abilities should have been able to rescue her from being arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison.

She could have become invisible…

She could have disappeared and appeared (teleported) somewhere else…

She could have shape shifted and made herself look like something or someone else…

She could have made objects move in order to escape, and

She could have killed anyone without touching them.

Even in her final moments, on trial, she could have caused the Johannesburg High Court to become a disaster scene, with objects flying all over the place and people dropping down dead, where Cecilia, ultimately, then teleports outside of the Court Room into the public, then turns herself invisible, until she finally disguises herself as someone else for future protection.

This is 8 out of 12 claims ruled out completely… but there is still confusion. There are 4 remaining claims that were somewhat harder to rule out: levitation, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), telepathy (reading minds) and astral projection.


I had only heard of what others had witnessed with regards to Cecilia being able to levitate. Several people… each with their own individual experiences of Cecilia levitating… at different points in Cecilia’s life. To choose to accept or reject this supposed ability would be based on the credibility of the person who had witnessed it. Other than that, it could only be weighed against the other countless nonsense scenarios and claims that Cecilia had over her life.


Personally, I do not believe Cecilia has DID. In the beginning of knowing Cecilia, she had obsessed over the movie Sybil (1976), and the mannerisms in which Cecilia portrayed her own DID were exactly the same as that of the movie as well. However, Shirley Mason, the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the movie, later admitted that she had faked her multiple personalities.[1] The movie did not display DID legitimately. It was exaggerated. It was faked. The way Cecilia portrayed her DID was an exact replica of an exaggerated and nonsense DID claim. The way in which DID legitimately functions, is not the way Cecilia had acted it out. It was completely exaggerated… and to vast extremes as well.

Additionally, Cecilia added plot twists with the way her DID functioned because of the abuse that was inflicted on her by the occult and, of course, also because of her supposed occult abilities as well. She took her exaggerated DID a step further.

There were also numerous occasions where one of Cecilia’s DID parts were supposedly in full control of her own body (where Cecilia should be completely unconscious or not present), but she was caught out; it was Cecilia, herself, merely pretending to be someone else. Cecilia is merely an Oscar Award Winner for overly exaggerated acting, that was so perfectly done within split seconds apart.


There were countless scenarios where Cecilia just knew things. I had witnessed and tested too many of these scenarios for myself. I had spent years trying to figure out how Cecilia just knew things about me, and I had created mental mind map upon mind map in trying to figure this out. Even since day one of knowing Cecilia, she knew vast amounts of information about me. How could this be possible? However, with speaking with other victims, who had also known Cecilia, this web started untangling. I compared their telepathy scenarios and looked back on my own:

With Cecilia fabricating people, it was an easy means for her to know more about each person in her group, aside from being able to control them further. The information given to each fabricated person, was merely information being given directly to Cecilia herself. This was an easy factor to realize once the fabrication of people was exposed. However, I had tested this theory and it still fell very short in a lot of my own personal scenarios.

Cecilia had resorted to using others to follow each person in her group, watching their every move, and then reporting it back to Cecilia. These others were not directly part of Cecilia’s friendship group, nor Electus Per Deus… some were even people we had not even met… they were her minions… they were people behind the scenes, helping Cecilia carry out her plans… people, who have been identified and who are yet to be exposed. This explained away some of my own scenarios, however, several telepathy scenarios still remained.

Now with the web almost completely untangled regarding telepathy, I had to dig deeper to my inner circle for who I would speak to… who I was around… areas that Cecilia and her minions could not get into (e.g. security guarded estates, my home, etc). Untangling this part of the web became a gut-wrenching realization of betrayal. Those who I had trusted… those who I had allowed into my own home… those who I had even known for years… and those who I thought had absolutely no knowledge of Cecilia whatsoever… were actually reporting information back to her about me as well. Her circle of minions was everywhere I went.

Every unexplainable telepathy scenario had now been explained away… all except for one: the very first day of meeting Cecilia… how did she know so much about me already? In order to know this answer, I would have to ask Ria. Up until that point in my life, I had never uttered a word about numerous things in my life to anyone, and I had only just started opening up to Ria. With telepathy being completely ruled out in every other scenario, and without being able to ask Ria if she recalls telling Cecilia anything about me before we had met, I can only conclude that there might have been information shared… the information that I had told Ria, at least… and as for the rest of what Cecilia had stated, they could only be very lucky accurate guesses. On Ria’s part, I know she would not have willfully told Cecilia things if she knew Cecilia would use it to deceive me. It would have been a genuine mistake on her part; that I firmly believe. But in quoting my life… statement after statement, without taking a breath in between for a pause… my head was already spinning because, in that specific moment, I had already been completely confused as to how she knew so much about me already… adding to the nerve wrecking moment that I was already in, being weary of meeting a legitimate generational witch for the first time. For confusion’s sake, I probably did not even hear the entire list of what Cecilia had stated altogether. It was chaos from the get go.


In the times where Cecilia claimed to have been with me as an astral, she was, at the same time, still physically active within her own body. While being present with me as an astral, other members from Cecilia’s group would confirm what she would be doing at that exact same moment. There were also countless scenarios where I had been on a phone call with Cecilia, or with Cecilia physically, during astralling events as well.

In the times where Cecilia had pulled me out of my body as an astral… with those memories, photographic evidence, and multiple witnesses… I cannot dispute Cecilia’s ability to astral project because I had witnessed it too many times. But, to add, astral projection is not an occult ability. It is taught by many religions/beliefs around the world,[2] and it is even mentioned in the Bible[3] as well. Astral projection is real, but it is not something gained from being in the occult.

Cecilia also claimed that her DID parts would be with me as astrals. These DID parts would generally be Akesiha, Anya and several others. So, to make sense of other astralling scenarios, one of Cecilia’s DID parts would have to have been physically active or have taken over Cecilia’s body, while Cecilia was with me as an astral… or vice versa. However, in ruling out Cecilia having DID altogether, the question still poses: how could Cecilia still be physically active within her own body and still astral project at the same time? This answer was not hard to find. There were others who had been mentioned in the beginning… Lizette and Andrea… legitimate non-fabricated people, who knew how to astral project and who also carried out Cecilia’s bidding. They helped Cecilia achieve whatever she wanted. So, for Cecilia to be present in her body, Lizette or Andrea (and others, for that matter) would have astral projected and pretended to be Cecilia or any of her DID parts.

As for the question that remains, since I cannot seem to dispute Cecilia’s own astralling ability: how then has Cecilia not been able to astral project or do anything as an astral, since she has been in prison? For now, the only answer that I have is God protects. Cecilia’s only possible intention for astralling, while in prison, would be to seek revenge but she cannot harm those who are under God’s protection.


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