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Are These Groups Connected?

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All of these groups are connected, but are also not connected at the same time:

  1. Ria founded Overcomers Through Christ, and through her ministry outreach, she met Cecilia Steyn. Through the ministry classes that were held, people wanted to meet Cecilia Steyn. Some of these people were included into Cecilia’s ‘Friendship Group’. This ministry was headed up by Ria.
  2. Because Ria needed more people to assist her in rescuing other occult victims, and with Cecilia’s added promptings, Ria formed the Know Your Enemy training classes, using the information that was deemed accurate through Cecilia. Through Know Your Enemy, more and more people were being included into Cecilia’s ‘Friendship Group’. Behind the scenes, Cecilia controlled Know Your Enemy.
  3. Because Cecilia’s ‘Friendship Group’ had grown quite extensively, and Know Your Enemy was successfully growing under her watch, Cecilia then tried to eradicate Overcomers Through Christ altogether, which included threats toward the members and deaths being orchestrated.
  4. When Ria found out the truth behind Know Your Enemy, she then eradicated the group and classes altogether, which then led to a feud starting between her and Cecilia.
  5. Ria formed the Know Your Saviour training classes to replace Know Your Enemy, so she could, once again, teach people the Word of God and lead them to Jesus Christ. This ministry was headed by Ria. This ministry was completely out of Cecilia’s control.
  6. After Know Your Enemy was eradicated, Cecilia lost her means for control, so she then decided to form her own group of people who she could manipulate in order to do what she wanted. Certain members from Cecilia’s ‘Group of Friends’ joined Electus Per Deus, while others either managed to escape or were killed. This group was solely controlled by Cecilia.