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Know Your Enemy (KYE)

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Know Your Enemy was a training course that was registered under Overcomers Through Christ. Ria’s sole purpose in forming Know Your Enemy was to help educate other people, so that they could help other occult victims. With Ria trying to help rescue Cecilia from the occult, it became an extensive and very time-consuming job. There were many other people, who were legitimately needing help, but Ria was not able to help them. She needed more people to assist her.

Since Cecilia was a 42nd generational witch, and the strongest witch in the world, her knowledge on everything occult based was extensive, so Ria asked Cecilia to put together the relevant information for her to be able to train others. People needed to understand all the ins and outs of what they would have to go through, or deal with, when it comes to rescuing an occult victim. The information, for the training lessons, needed to include what happens within the occult, the way the occult operates, the way they raise their children, the rituals that they hold, the demons… and the relevant Bible Scriptures to help in these circumstances. Ria wanted to inform people as much as possible, in every aspect, so that they were well prepared beforehand when it came to rescuing an occult victim.

A long list of topics was written for what was needed to be covered in these training classes. From this list, Cecilia removed the irrelevant topics and added her own relevant topics that should be covered. She then gave me the extensively long list, with the instructions to find several pieces of information for each topic on the internet. Cecilia had always told me that true occult information could never be found on the internet, simply, because of its secrecy. So, when Cecilia had asked me to do this, I was confused. When I asked her why she did not just write out the information herself, the excuse given was that she just did not feel like doing it and she had better things to do with her time. So, instead, I needed to bring Cecilia the information, from the internet, and she would then select which information was accurate, or the most accurate, and that would be used in the manual.

Since I had no occult knowledge, I had no clue as to what information on the internet would be correct. I brought Cecilia several text excerpts, from various websites, for each topic on the list. Cecilia sifted through the information, and I quietly waited until she was done. Now and then, she would laugh at the information she read but then she would immediately delete that piece of information. Obviously that information was incorrect, but humorous, because Cecilia knew the truth. Then with further pieces of information, she began laughing again, outright stating, “This is the biggest lot of nonsense!” Automatically, I assumed she would then delete the information yet again… except, she chose to keep it for the manual. This confused me. After she had finally gone through everything, I expected her to then edit it accordingly, especially the pieces of information she had laughed at, to make sure that it was accurate for the manual. However, she did not. Cecilia then told me to use the information as is and put the manual together. I was confused. When I asked her why she was not going to change any of it, especially the ones she said were nonsense, her only reply was to say, “No one’s going to know it’s nonsense and neither will Ria… and I don’t feel like doing it anyway.”

After having sorted the information to be used, Cecilia then decided she needed to write a few acknowledgements in the manual. Once she had finished typing, she laughed hysterically and stated, “This is the biggest lot of nonsense in here!”

Know Your Enemy Manual 
Acknowledgments Page

Cecilia then warned me not to let Ria know that the information was from the internet because Ria’s instruction was that the information was to come from Cecilia, herself, otherwise she would not use it. The Know Your Enemy Manual was a complete joke to Cecilia. The information was selected at random, from different places on the internet. None of the information was ever verified for any type of accuracy, although Cecilia had led Ria to believe that the information was completely correct.

I had asked Cecilia what design I should use for the manual. I was clueless because it was a manual about occult-based topics, but it was to be used to train Christians to help rescue those from the occult. Cecilia, with an evil grin on her face, said, “A ram’s head on a pentagram. It needs to be dark! It is about satan anyway…” I then posed the question about whether Ria would approve of the design being so dark, especially having a ram’s head on a pentagram, because, knowing Ria, she would definitely not approve of that at all. Cecilia’s carefree response was, “I don’t care what Ria wants. She asked me to do this… so this is what she’s getting…”

Once I had finished the manual, I gave it to Cecilia. Ria was not to know that I designed it or had any part of it, so the manual had to be given to Ria from Cecilia, herself.

I’ll never forget the look of utter shock on Ria’s face when she saw the cover design on the manual. It was very clear that she did not approve of it at all. She was speechless. Cecilia’s grin just got bigger as she saw the immense disapproval on Ria’s face. Ria knew what the ram and the pentagram symbolized, but she honestly did not want to use that as a representation on the cover of the manual. Cecilia then simply stated that this is what the manual will look like and that she was not willing to change it because she had already gone through so much effort in putting this together for her. Ria, feeling guilty for Cecilia’s extensive effort, accepted the manual the way it was given to her.

Know Your Enemy Manual 
Cover Page

Know Your Enemy Manual 
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However, the Know Your Enemy manual was only a home study guide for those who attended the classes. Instead of focusing on what was in the manual, Cecilia diverted Ria’s full attention towards movies. Cecilia solidly convinced Ria that what was being shown in particular movies, is what was legitimately happening within the occult. These movies would range from serial killers to supernatural horrors, all of which clearly displayed how people were abducted, controlled, how ritual practices were conducted, and how people were killed. Cecilia drowned Ria mentally and emotionally by continuously getting her to watch these movies, and she enforced that Ria needed to use them in her classes as the core material. As a result of this, Cecilia then managed to numb out, scare and manipulate even more people.


Cecilia wanted to copyright the Know Your Enemy Manual into Xena’s name. Xena was one of Cecilia’s DID parts and ultimately, one of her strongest occult ability parts as well. Despite Cecilia having left the occult, Xena had been known to still attend occult rituals, but she would attend them as an astral. Xena was well known within Cecilia’s group of friends, so to have her name on the copyright statement did not raise any questions or suspicions.

With copyrighting the manual into Xena’s name, it was a method for Cecilia to maintain full control of the manual and the Know Your Enemy classes as well. Cecilia needed full control, but she also needed to do it indirectly.

Additionally, if any of the information, within the manual, was proven to be incorrect or if something had gone horribly wrong, then Cecilia could not be held directly linked or be held responsible for because it was not her name on the copyright statement.

Know Your Enemy Manual 
Copyright Page


Without Ria’s knowledge, Cecilia had an ulterior motive for running Know Your Enemy, and she redirected its course carefully enough so that it would not be obvious to Ria, or anyone else for that matter. When the Know Your Enemy classes started, Cecilia would attend some of them. Cecilia would become the center of attention and the highlight during the class, proudly portraying herself to be the most powerful witch in the world, who had managed to escape the occult. Further adding that people should look to her for information and guidance because she knows everything that there is to know. The people, who had attended the Know Your Enemy classes joined with the genuine intentions of wanting to help occult victims, but they were also fairly clueless when it came to occult related issues, so it was easy for Cecilia to manipulate them into believing anything. Through Know Your Enemy, Cecilia was using it as a means to gain more followers. Without Ria even realizing it, Cecilia used Know Your Enemy to recruit people, brainwash them, to then control them.


Shortly, after Ria had started the training lessons for Know Your Enemy, there were numerous people that pointed out that the manual, itself, could be used as a guide on how to become a satanist more than anything else, and that it was also encouraging people to get involved in satanism as well. When this was brought up with Cecilia, she dismissed it as sheer utter nonsense and told Ria to not pay any attention, claiming that it was the occult trying to stop her from saving other occult victims.

After having escaped Cecilia, I sent Ria the truth about the Know Your Enemy Manual: that Cecilia had instructed me to find information from the internet, which Cecilia then randomly selected and deemed correct, and that Cecilia had not written or even edited anything in it at all.

Email Sent 20 Dec 2010
Email sent to expose and to forbid further use of the Know Your Enemy Manual

After Ria having realized the truth about the Know Your Enemy Manual, she then took the necessary steps to eradicate it altogether, which, ultimately, infuriated Cecilia.