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Know Your Saviour (KYS)

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Ria’s aim in life was always to serve God, and to lead others to Him. In finding out that Know Your Enemy was educating people into becoming more occult-like, rather than educating them on how to rescue people away from the occult, she wanted to redeem this misled cause by registering and creating the training course Know Your Saviour. Ultimately, Ria wanted to put the focus back solely on God. Cecilia was not to have any part of this. Cecilia had already managed to divert Ria’s mission in such a way that she was completely unaware of it. For Know Your Saviour to stay on course, Cecilia had to have no part of it. Cecilia was too crafty, and Ria could not stand the thought of people being misled again, all because of Cecilia’s underhandedness.

The training material used for Know Your Saviour was based on Christian based teaching material that Ria had received from Reginald Bendixen.