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The Different Murders And Why

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With any murderer, or group of murderers, there is always a distinct pattern that is used in order to commit these crimes. After several murders, with these repeated patterns, it then becomes helpful for investigators to track down exactly who is committing these crimes. However, this was not the case when it came to Cecilia Steyn and her group. The methods, which they used, were vastly different from one another. This was done on purpose because Cecilia knew that a predictable pattern meant there was a higher chance in getting caught.

Since there were two types of murders and a vast array of victims, there appeared to be no defining factor, or no real baseline method, that would ultimately help lead the investigators to tying each of these murders to Cecilia and her group. The extreme differences were ultimately very confusing, and not the way a typical murderer, or group of murderers, works.

During the numerous sessions spent with the investigators, this confusing issue was highlighted. Their gut instincts knew that all these murders were connected, but it did not make logical sense. When the different murders were relayed to me, I knew exactly how and why all these murders were connected. After having known Cecilia Steyn for almost four years, I knew her far too well because of the extensive bragging she would continuously do throughout our friendship. Cecilia’s bragging was ultimately her downfall. Like the Bible says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18).

Cecilia Steyn had too often told me about the way she would do things in general, and murder related, so being told about the different murders were like echoes in my mind of the statements Cecilia had constantly made. The actions were carried out exactly as she had bragged. It was very simple to connect these dots, but in order to know how, you would need to know Cecilia Steyn.

The forensics and logical conclusions were confusing when it came to connecting these dots. But once I explained the reasons behind each of the two murder types, it became much simpler to understand.


There were two main ulterior motives, behind each of these murders, which caused the murders to fall into two main categories: soft kill and overkill murders; each category for a different purpose.

The soft kill murders would include strangulation, being shot with a gun, and so on. These are quick, or fast, murders.

The overkill murders were far more gruesome, they were far more gruesome and extremely sadistic. The methods used were by no means simple, or fast. The victims needed to suffer extensively before they finally died.