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Overkill Murders & The Victim Selection

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The overkill murders were set out for specific people. These murders were done purely to threaten, control and take revenge. Additionally, there were several overkill murders that were also carried out, which were to display allegiance to Cecilia and satanism as well.

If Cecilia needed to maintain more control over any of the members in her group, she would then orchestrate murders on their families, friends, and colleagues.

If Cecilia saw someone as a potential threat in exposing her, no matter who this person was, she would orchestrate their murder.

If someone had so much as just made Cecilia extremely unhappy, or angry, or did not do as told, these people became over kill murder victims.


Many of the victims, who were murdered, fall into this category. Overkill murders were personal. These people wanted to expose Cecilia or just, simply, leave her group. The more you knew the truth behind Cecilia’s lies, the higher the threat she deemed you as, and the higher on her to kill list you were on.

When news finally broke out into the media, this to kill list was publicized, or rather, the remaining few people, who Cecilia had not yet managed to kill, were mentioned on the list. My name was the first one on that list.

Before Ria Grunewald had managed to escape, and Cecilia suspecting Ria of leaving, she then orchestrated numerous threats, and then ultimately over kill murders, all in order to punish, to scare and to control Ria into being more submissive to Cecilia… to do as told, without hesitation or question. Ria’s family, friends and ministry team were heavily targeted numerous times.

Natacha Burger[1] and Joyce Bonzaaier[2], who were part of Overcomers Through Christ, were murdered in order to punish, scare and control Ria. Cecilia had been trying to eradicate Overcomes Through Christ for years, so forcefully and brutally removing the members of Ria’s group became her ultimate desperate attempt at doing this.

Additionally, if Cecilia’s goal in isolating the members of her group from the outside world was not working; or if Cecilia even just suspected that a member in her group saw someone else as more important (instead of Cecilia), then this person would be targeted too. Cecilia needed to maintain full isolation over each member of her group, full control, and the centre of attention, at all times.

In the case of Reginald Bendixen’s[3] murder, this boiled down to Cecilia Steyn’s pure unadulterated hatred towards him for varying reasons, including the threats of being potentially exposed and losing Ria from her group.

In the case of Mikeila Valentine’s[4] murder, she was deemed as a threat to Cecilia for multiple reasons: wanting to leave Cecilia’s murderous group, so she was deemed as a high threat to exposing Cecilia. Additionally, Cecilia claimed that God told her that Zak Valentine was her soulmate, so Cecilia needed to have him to herself.

In the case of the Samurai Sword Killing, Cecilia Steyn had been training Morné Harmse[5] in satanic practices. Killing other people was part of this practice. It was a method used to control but to numb their minds, in order to embed a mindset that deems murder as normal behaviour if you are a satanist. Murder was normal, in Cecilia’s mindset, and it was something that you had to do if you were a satanist. Sadly, with Jacques Pretorius’s[5] murder, he was a random victim who became a sacrificial offering to satan, for Morné’s initiation into satanism.

In the case of Marinda Steyn’s brother’s[6] murder, he posed as a threat to Cecilia because he was very openly trying to expose her to others.

In the case of the unnamed boy[7] that was murdered, all simply just for wanting to live a normal life and not be part of satanism anymore, this was deemed unacceptable to Cecilia as she more than likely had plans of using him for future murders. So, by his leaving, she would lose a vital person that she could control and use for murders, and additionally, he could have also ended up exposing her too.

Natacha Burger
Murdered 26 July 2012

Joyce Boonzaaier
Murdered 26 July 2012

Reginald Bendixen
Murdered 13 August 2012

Mikeila Valentine
Murdered 4 October 2012

Jacques Pretorius
Murdered 17 August 2008