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Reginald Bendixen’s Murder

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Reginald Bendixen
Murdered 13 August 2012

Reginald Bendixen’s murder was extremely gruesome and sadistic, yet, up until the point of investigations with Cecilia and her group, there seemed to be no hard evidence that would help in finding out who had killed him. With Cecilia’s brilliance in manipulation over her group and her continuous extensive bragging about murders, she seemed to know a lot of information: about how murders would and could be carried out, and how to avoid leaving any type of evidence behind. However, despite Cecilia’s group being diligent in hiding evidence, Cecilia, through her own hatred, had left evidence in plain sight. The only problem was that this evidence was not obvious, unless you had witnessed Cecilia’s extreme hatred towards Reginald Bendixen, and her repeated statements regarding him.

In 2012, when Reginald Bendixen was murdered, a package was delivered to Ria Grunewald’s door. Inside the package, there appeared to be part of a brain with a handwritten message, “Now you can have your own little piece of Regi…”[1]Up until this point in time, my mind had never grasped the full concept that Cecilia had legitimately murdered anyone in her life; I thought everything she had ever told me was a lie. But as soon as I read those words, stated in the note to Ria, I knew without a doubt that it was Cecilia. There was no room for doubt. When I read those words, I heard Cecilia’s words echoing in my mind at the same time. Cecilia had made countless repeated statements, all ending in, “…your precious Regi,” or, “…your Regi.”  These statements were so overly repeated during the time of my friendship with her, that hearing her voice and echoing those words was embedded into my mind. No one would have known, from this note, that it was Cecilia, except for those who had heard Cecilia’s repeated statements.

During a session with the investigators, I explained Cecilia’s repeated statements and her hatred towards Reginald Bendixen. This made complete sense to them. It became the main missing link in order to tie up his murder.

Despite the fact that I knew, without a doubt, that Reginald Bendixen’s murder was orchestrated by Cecilia, I was still completely shocked and dumbfounded that Marinda Steyn had so blatantly and proudly confessed to having murdered him, while she was on the stand in High Court, Johannesburg[2]. The other disturbing factor that struck me was that Marinda, herself, appeared to have a very clear hatred towards Reginald as well. Cecilia’s hatred had spilled into becoming Marinda’s personal hatred; the hatred was just that excessive and extreme.

Cecilia had always remained a perfect actress for any and every scenario, during the time period that I knew her. However, she was completely incapable of hiding her hatred towards Reginald. She could not hide it, even since the first time I had heard Reginald’s name being mentioned. The more that the months progressed, the more Cecilia became incapable of hiding her hatred towards him.

From what I had known and witnessed, since first hearing about Reginald Bendixen, he was a mentor and a dear friend to Ria Grunewald. Ria looked up to him for guidance and for support, especially when it came to ministry related issues. With the scenarios revolving around Cecilia’s fabricated life, Ria would most definitely have relied on Reginald’s input more than ever, especially when it came to spiritual warfare, which was a daily issue from the supposed occult attacks on Cecilia’s life. As far as I know, Cecilia had never met Reginald in person. He was an outsider to her group. He was outside her ring of influence. Cecilia could not manipulate him, so he was a potential threat into seeing through her lies and then expose the truth to Ria. So, with Ria relating scenarios to Reginald, Cecilia became paranoid. If Ria saw the truth and escaped from Cecilia, it would then lead the potential empire, that Cecilia was building, to come tumbling down. Through Ria, Cecilia was able to recruit more members into her group, all while Ria was completely blindsided to the fact that Cecilia was using her. Ria was Cecilia’s main avenue into bringing people into the group.

As the months went by, Reginald’s name was mentioned more and more by Ria. Ria would merely be relating discussions and insights that she had found very helpful. However, Cecilia became even more paranoid, and her hatred grew rapidly towards Reginald. There were several occasions where I had been alone with Cecilia, at her flat, where Ria had left her laptop behind. Each time Ria’s laptop was there, Cecilia would proceed to obsessively search through the emails on it, especially the ones from Reginald. Cecilia was looking for any indication of Reginald exposing her or, at the very least, removing Ria from Cecilia’s group. These events were ridiculous and always ending with Cecilia remarking that, “Wow, Ria is so boring. It’s only work talk.”

Alongside the paranoia of being exposed, Cecilia also became jealous because she always needed to be the center of everyone’s attention. Everyone’s lives had to revolve around her. As Cecilia’s hatred grew, so did her jealousy. Whenever Ria mentioned Reginald’s name, Cecilia would make sarcastic remarks indicating that Ria only deemed Reginald as important because she was in love with him. Ria would laugh this off because it was definitely not the case. Reginald was an important role model; a mentor that helped Ria with many ministry-related issues. In those moments of sarcastic remarks, both Ria and myself thought that Cecilia was merely being sarcastic and ridiculous because it was common for her to make jokes and sarcastic remarks about a lot of people. The more that Cecilia made these remarks, the worse the remarks became about Reginald.

Throughout all these scenarios, that I had witnessed regarding Reginald, there was no hint or notion of Cecilia wanting to harm him. However, it was very clear that Cecilia did want to create division between Ria and Reginald. By the time point when I had left Cecilia’s group, her hatred was extreme and, ultimately, in the months that followed, Cecilia’s hatred had turned violent.


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