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Everything revolving around Cecilia Steyn and her group was completely confusing, bizarre, and extreme, and more so with trying to comprehend that one person could orchestrate murders and get others to carry them out… leaving no evidence or traces that would lead back to the mastermind behind it all. The dots were starting to connect very fast because the simple explanation caused these confusing puzzle pieces of the murders to quickly fit so perfectly.


With Cecilia Steyn’s brilliance in manipulating people, especially those in her group, she would have had no problem in hiding the fact that she was the one orchestrating the murders that were being carried out. Nothing was done, in general, without Cecilia’s consent. She dictated and you would merely do as told, without hesitation or question… no matter the scenario that was panned out before you.

Cecilia’s brilliance in having those in her group become undying loyal to her, came with a variation of methods and reasons, but, ultimately, each person would literally put their life on the line, all in order to protect Cecilia… no matter the cost. Cecilia controlled her group like a puppet master. She pulled the strings, they danced. She told them what to do, and they did it. If there was any indication of Cecilia being harmed or effected in any way, someone was to jump in the line of fire in order to protect Cecilia. She had complete control and complete undying loyalty from each of those in her group. This was brilliantly embedded in each member’s mindset from the very first day of meeting Cecilia Steyn and the longer they had stayed in her group, the more undyingly loyal they became.

Having said the above, tying up the murders to Cecilia Steyn, herself, became increasingly hard as there was no evidence. The evidence was always tied to the other members of her group, but never Cecilia, herself. Cecilia never got her hands dirty. However, through the investigators’ sheer brilliance, they managed to pull out the right puzzle pieces of information, through a variation of methods and avenues, and ultimately, solidly tie Cecilia to being the mastermind; the person dictating the murders, while having others carry out them out.