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The Unmentioned Murders

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During investigation, a count of over 40 murders was found, all linked to Cecilia Steyn and her group, however, only 11 murders were mentioned during the trial and sentencing.

Through discussion with investigators, about the unmentioned murders, they said that the vital mission at hand was to get Cecilia Steyn and her group behind bars and sentenced for life as soon as possible in order to protect the public. The trial, based on 11 murders, took approximately 2 years to finally reach the point of sentencing. To mention the rest of the murders, would have caused the trial to go on for an extensively longer time period. Additionally, there was concern that something might happen to cause Cecilia to find a method or reason to avoid being sentenced if the trial time period became so extensive. So, if every murder was mentioned during the trial, the trial would then have become seemingly endless, ultimately, delaying the final sentencing and potentially enabling Cecilia finding a method for escape. Because of the sadistic reality of what Cecilia Steyn and her group are capable of, the urgency to reach the sentencing point was incredibly desperate.

As far as my understanding goes, the murders that were mentioned during the trial were specifically selected because they fell into both murder categories (soft kill and overkill), and there was more than enough evidence, from those murders, to far quicker convict Cecilia and her group.

With regards to the unmentioned murders, they might still potentially be mentioned after further investigations are carried out, even though Cecilia and her group have already been sentenced. There is still hope for the families of those unmentioned victims, to finally have justice and closure over the loss of their loved ones.

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