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Cecilia Steyn’s Children:

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Cecilia had a regular habit of giving Louisa a present. She would go to the shops and buy her daughter something, even if it was just a sweet but she would never get her son anything. This was always the case. There was clear evident favoritism. No matter how hard little Andries tried, Cecilia would push him away. He was never good enough. He was never worthy of anything. Little Andries was suffering even more now with even more rejection.

I started becoming worried that little Andries would start to resent his little sister, Louisa, who he absolutely adored. He was so loveable and so protective over her all the time, and I did not want that bond to be broken, or disrupted, or effected, in any way because of Cecilia playing favorites.

Eventually, I started insisting to Cecilia that when she buys something for Louisa, that she should get something for her son too because it is completely unfair if one would get something and the other would not. However, Cecilia was never concerned about it. So instead, whenever Cecilia would buy something for Louisa, I would make sure that I bought something for little Andries too. It did not matter who the present came from. He just needed to feel loved and accepted too.