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Cecilia Steyn’s Children:

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In the beginning of knowing Cecilia, I was not even aware that she had a daughter. It was maybe only several weeks, into knowing Cecilia, that I had heard the name Louisa a few times. It always came across as a reference to the name of a baby, but I had no idea whose baby this was or what was going on with the baby. I didn’t feel like it was appropriate for me to ask any questions regarding Louisa because I was still new in knowing Cecilia and new to her life. And the things that were being discussed, seemed quite dramatic and serious.

After a few weeks, I had gone with Cecilia and Ria to visit a married couple[1], who were part of Ria’s ministry team (Overcomers Through Christ). Initially, I had no idea as to why we were visiting with them, nor did I ask or say a word during the time period. While we were seated, Cecilia was handed a tiny little baby, which she then happily cradled in her arms, appearing to be so ecstatic to see her. The look on Cecilia’s face was a bit puzzling to me because it looked like a mother’s happiness in seeing her child. This is when I started to finally realize that Cecilia had a daughter, and that this little baby was Louisa.

The scenario, as far as I understood it, was that this married couple had been looking after Louisa for quite a while. Louisa had been born a premature baby and Cecilia was deemed incapable of looking after her. In addition to that, when it was occult high days, Cecilia would be attacked, so it would not be safe for Louisa to be there as well.

After a number of weeks, there were arguments and fights that broke out between Cecilia, and this married couple. They wanted to try take Louisa away from Cecilia permanently, by adopting her. As far as I could understand, this couple had reasoned that they had been looking after Louisa for months, while Cecilia barely ever came to visit her daughter… almost, as if she did not honestly want to have anything to do with her daughter. Additionally, that Louisa would also never be safe if she was given back to Cecilia, so by adopting Louisa, it was also a means in order to protect her.

I had never heard the details involving these arguments but whenever Louisa’s name came up in discussions, Cecilia would become infuriated and violently lash out. With the state that Cecilia would go into, it was clearly obvious that she might lose her daughter to this couple, but she was adamant not to. It was war.

Looking back now, I think that this couple had started to realize that Cecilia was a phony. They had seen through her lies, her manipulation and that she was a dangerous person, so they were desperate to protect Louisa from Cecilia, herself.

This war went on for quite a long period of time; it felt like months. I do not know exactly what happened, except for the fact that Cecilia ended up getting Louisa back. This couple was never mentioned nor heard from, ever again. They had been completely eradicated from the picture. I do not recall their names and I honestly worry if this couple is still alive, given all that I know today.

Little Louisa was the smallest little baby I had ever seen. She was so fragile. She had very light blonde hair and her skin was so fair. She was the cutest little baby.

As far as I knew, up until this point with Louisa, Cecilia had never looked after her daughter at all. It was almost as if she had given birth to her daughter and then she gave her daughter to the couple to look after her. Cecilia had no idea on how to look after her daughter and it was extremely clear that Cecilia did not even want to look after her daughter as well. In all honesty, I think Cecilia fought for her daughter because Louisa was seen as a possession, more than anything else. A type of, “She belongs to me, so I’m going to take her back,” type of scenario or mentality. It was not because Cecilia genuinely wanted her daughter but rather, more so, because she didn’t want anyone to take anything away from her. Cecilia fought for Louisa, like she fought for an object… to put it bluntly.

Cecilia’s husband, Dries, would look after Louisa whenever he was home from work, and when he was at work, Cecilia’s domestic worker, Sindy, would consciously look after Louisa. Cecilia had no interaction nor made no effort in interacting with her daughter.

Watching the scenario pan out with Cecilia and Louisa was challenging and heart breaking. Dries would regularly argue with Cecilia, telling her that she needed to look after Louisa as well, and to stop pawning her off to other people. This argument went on for endless months between Cecilia and Dries. Eventually, the older Louisa got, Cecilia then started spending more time with her and they started to form a bond. However, Cecilia was extremely reckless with Louisa, so much so that I would become paranoid in scenarios where Cecilia was alone with her daughter, simply because Cecilia, honestly, couldn’t care less about anyone else.

There were regular scenarios where Louisa would get hold of something that she could potentially choke on or accidentally cut herself with, or worse. Cecilia would casually just glance over at her daughter, laugh, and look away. Cecilia would not do or say anything. She just did not care.

When Louisa was nearing around two years old, there was one scenario in specific that I will never forget. Louisa had gotten hold of Cecilia’s pocketknife, while Cecilia was lying on the bed watching TV. The pocketknife had been lying on the bedside table, with the knife blade already sticking out. The blade on this knife was exceptionally sharp, especially since Cecilia made a habit of regularly sharpening it. As soon as Louisa picked up the pocketknife, I jumped up and grabbed it away from her. As I turned to look at Cecilia, she gave me a ridiculous mocking stare, and while laughing at me, she asked, “Why are you so paranoid?”  I then proceeded to explain to Cecilia that Louisa would end up getting hurt if she plays with the pocketknife. It was plain simple logic. Then, feeling very confused by Cecilia’s response, I asked her why she wasn’t concerned at all, and why she didn’t even feel the need to take the pocketknife away from her daughter because she had also seen Louisa reach for the pocketknife. Cecilia just responded by shrugging her shoulders and said, “Louisa would have been fine.” Cecilia was confident that Louisa, who was only around two years old, would have been perfectly fine playing with an exceptionally sharp pocketknife?! I could not and still cannot comprehend the logic in her train of thought there. Cecilia then put her daughter on the bed next to her and gave her back the pocketknife to play with. Cecilia casually laid back on the bed, zoned out into watching the TV, while I sat paranoid-stricken watching Louisa until I could create a distraction in order to give Louisa something else to play with.

Even though Cecilia bonded more with her daughter, than she ever did with her son, she was still exceptionally reckless and, “I couldn’t care less,” either way.


[1] Alias. Names reserved for privacy and investigation purposes.