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Photos Were Forbidden

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There is one simple reason why you rarely or ever find photos and videos of Cecilia and the members who were part of her group. The reason is simple but it is not one you would ever imagine: the occult will steal those photos, or videos, and perform magic using them in order to torture Cecilia and any other member of her group.

This is the sole reason we were given to never take any photos or videos of Cecilia or of ourselves. It was for protection. If you were ever caught doing this, you were harshly reprimanded for it. You were deemed a threat to Cecilia’s safety.

When I had first met Cecilia, I was completely unaware of this rule. The first time that I tried to take a photo, Ria reprimanded me for it. This was when I found out about the rule. The occult was in search of any kind of any kind of method that they could use in order to torture Cecilia. This rule was strongly reinforced for every member.

A few months later, Cecilia and I stood on her veranda. She kept staring up at the corner of the hospital. I kept trying to talk to her but she seemed very distracted, so I eventually asked what she was looking at.

“The cameras… my Dad is busy watching me,” she casually responds, while still staring into the distance.

I honestly had no idea that there were even cameras at the hospital but, by that point, nothing surprised me, and staring at cameras still seemed harmless to me, so I was not bothered. But Cecilia kept on staring at the cameras. Almost like a stare down 

Eventually I asked, “If we aren’t allowed to take any photos or videos, why are you still standing on your veranda if you know that there are cameras filming you?”

Cecilia did not answer. She just carried on staring into the distance, until she turned to look at me with a blank stare and without saying a word, walked back inside her flat.

This same scenario repeated numerous times throughout the first year of me knowing Cecilia. I was confused. We were reminded constantly to not take photos or videos but Cecilia seemed very unconcerned about constantly staring into a video camera… constantly recording her… knowing that she was being watched by her Dad… knowing that he would use the video footage in order to attack her.