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Raped By Her Father, Through Her Husband

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Andries (Dries) Steyn, Cecilia’s Husband

Early into me having met Cecilia, astral projection and occult attacks were very commons scenario and very common topics. One of the disturbing facts, was that Mr Brand would regularly astral project into Dries’ body. Mr Brand would take full control of Dries’ body, leaving Dries completely unaware of what he was doing or what was happening at that point in time. Dries was knocked out, while Mr Brand used his body to become abusive towards Cecilia.

This type of abuse would vary, as sometimes Cecilia would claim Dries would suddenly become a harsh and verbally abusive, to being physically abusive where he would repeatedly beat her, and even sexually abusive where Cecilia would be repeatedly raped in horrendous ways. These scenarios would always happen whenever Cecilia was left alone with her husband, regardless of whether her children were there or not. So, ultimately, it was crucial that Cecilia was never to be left alone with her husband because then she would suffer horrendously.

I had repeatedly heard about these scenarios, especially the rape scenarios because they happened regularly. I was not, however, ready for what I would encounter on one of my usual trips to Cecilia.

When I arrived at Cecilia’s house, both Ria and Cecilia were very restless… tense… paranoid… speechless. Dries had been sitting in the living room watching TV, completely unaware of what was going on with Cecilia and Ria. Cecilia was in a distraught state, while Ria panicked, pacing up and down the floor in Cecilia’s bedroom, completely distraught at what had just happened earlier that morning. I was completely confused. Obviously, something devastating had just happened, but no one said a word to me. Ria was in sheer panic and lost for words. Cecilia was upset. Eventually, the scenario was related to me…

Dries’ shifts from the police station had been changed, so he had arrived home earlier than expected. He was there only a few hours before Ria had arrived. During this time period, Cecilia had gone to take a bath. While bathing, Dries abruptly shoved the bathroom door open and proceeded to take off his clothes, climb on top of Cecilia and rape her. Cecilia struggled but she was trapped. Dries was a large man and a lot stronger than her, so she had no chance of getting away. He had her completely trapped in the bath, underneath him. Cecilia still tried to fight him off her, bumping herself repeatedly on the bathroom tap, while trying to do so. The struggle was harsh. Cecilia ended up in excruciating pain, with black and blue marks all over her body.

I looked at Cecilia in complete shock and disbelief. My heart broke. She proceeded to show me the marks on her back, neck, and arms. There were harsh massive bruises everywhere. Cecilia then quickly covered up, to hide the marks again. She was in pain. She was ashamed. Her husband had raped her, but it was not her husband. It was Mr Brand. I was still confused. Surely, Dries should have remembered something? When I posed that question, I was met with a casual hopeless response, “He remembers nothing… He said he never did it.” I stared at Cecilia and Ria blankly. I had no words. What could I say? The evidence was there. Cecilia was horribly hurt. She was in pain… but, yet, her husband claims to have no memory of it. I wrestled with that thought, arguing with myself that maybe Dries was actually aware? Maybe he was actually abusive himself? Maybe he was the one that raped Cecilia?

Dries walked into the bedroom to tell us that he was leaving for work. I cowered in front of him. I was scared. I had seen what had happened to Cecilia. I was unsure of what to expect of him. He had always appeared to be such a friendly person but now… now I was scared… I was petrified of him. I did not know what to believe. Was it genuinely Mr Brand astralling into Dries’ body again… or did Dries do this to Cecilia?

After Dries left, the discussions became a bit more extensive. Over and over again, the details were discussed about how Mr Brand astral projects into Dries, to take over his body, to harm Cecilia.

While Ria and Cecilia were busy with this discussion, and as disturbed as I was, my mind still could not grasp this concept. Even IF Mr Brand had used Dries’ body to rape Cecilia… how would that even be possible for him to have done that in the bath? Dries was too big. He was easily around 1.9m (6.2ft) tall. The bath was small… probably only about 1.5m wide. He barely fit into the bath himself. How could both him and Cecilia have physically fit into this same bath together? How could he have managed to have raped her. Trying to replay this scenario out in my mind just did not make any sense. There could be no possible way of this event happening. This was an impossible scenario… yet, Cecilia was covered in horrid bruises. How could I possibly even try debate this? How could I possibly even try ask any questions to make sense of it, without sounding insensitive at the same time? Cecilia had just been raped. I kept quiet… but my mind continued to argue the logic of the scenario, regardless of who had actually raped Cecilia.

All these years later, this scenario was proved to be legitimately impossible. The disturbing factor, through this, is how Cecilia would abuse her own body to any extreme, in order to fool people into her lies. The evidence was clear, but it was all a lie.