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The First Astralling Event. The Woman Who Was Killed

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The first night that I had slept over at Cecilia Steyn’s flat, was a very unsettling one. I was in unchartered territory. I had no idea what to expect or what not to expect. I was scared to fall asleep. The things that I had already heard, up until that point, scared me beyond words. At any slight sound, I would wake up. After all, from what I was told, the occult could barge into Cecilia’s flat at any given moment and then who knows what they would do to each of us, especially if we were lying there asleep.

Ria was already passed out, soundly fast asleep. She was lying on a mattress, on the floor, in Cecilia’s living area. I was lying on the couch next to where she was.

After restless thoughts and fears, and many hours passing by, I eventually fell asleep. The dream that I had was as vivid as if it had happened today, and as if it had happened in real life too.

In the beginning of the dream, I was hovering over Ria, who was still fast asleep. I remember looking around… seeing the couches and TV… and then I saw Cecilia standing there, in the corner, by the entrance door to her flat. Then there was a burst of a moment of confusion. A woman had come into Cecilia’s flat and started an argument with her. Cecilia and this woman argued for a while, and then this woman disappeared. I abruptly woke up. I thought nothing about this dream, even though it was incredibly realistic in every way… and I began wrestling with my thoughts and fears, not wanting to fall asleep all over again. But I eventually fell asleep again.

Later that morning, Cecilia came into the living area and woke Ria and me. Cecilia was hyped up; she was excited. Her excitement was so compelling that it confused Ria enough to ask Cecilia what was going on.

I’ll never forget the words that came out of Cecilia’s mouth… “Last night, Candice and I astralled!” I was confused. I had barely slept and the dream that I had was barely worth mentioning.

The confused look on Ria’s face and my deafening silence obviously prompted Cecilia to talk about what had happened… “Ohhh… satan came into the house last night and pulled Candice out of her body but I managed to rescue her…” Then she pointed to my forehead and said, “You see that red mark, that’s ‘his’ mark when he pulls someone out of their bodies.” Ria glared at my forehead. I went to go and look… sure enough, a red mark… like a circular rash on my forehead… and then Cecilia continued to relay the entire scenario… word for word, detail for detail… everything that had seen in my dream. I was confused. It was just a dream. I had not astralled?! But how else could Cecilia know?

Ria looked at me in a crisscross of confusion and excitement and asked me if I remembered. “Yes…” … and that was all I could fathom to say because I was confused beyond words.

Cecilia’s excitement then eventually wore down and the proceeded to make breakfast; all while a hurricane of thoughts and confusion were running through my mind.

A couple hours passed by, and Ria left to do some errands. Cecilia wanted to walk to the doctors’ rooms that were situated behind her flat. This was the first time I was alone with Cecilia, and I was very unsure of what to do, as I was still finding my feet. Going to the doctors’ rooms was a happily welcomed distraction.

Frank Michaelis & Dr Wayne Van Niekerk
Von Brandis Street, Krugersdorp

One foot in the door, one step into the reception area… and my jaw dropped… my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. The exact same woman, who had been in my dream, was now merely a few feet away from me. She was the receptionist at the doctors’ rooms. The response on the woman’s face was the same as mine. We had recognized each other instantly and instantly, we both became awkward, not knowing what to do or say. I was completely silent. How was this possible? Did I actually astral? This woman is identical… detail for detail… the same as the one I remembered seeing.

After leaving the doctors’ rooms, I finally said to Cecilia, “That’s the same woman I saw last night!?” She laughed and said, “Yes… and she recognized you too.”

Confusion spiraled over this event countless times in my mind. I had known about astral projection, but I had never known how to do it myself. There was no room to question this event, yet my mind was constantly questioning it.

Despite the confusion over whether I had astralled or not, I had dominantly noted that there was a definite tension between Cecilia and this woman. When I asked Cecilia about this tension that I was picking up, she confirmed it. The two of them were not on good terms… and then Cecilia added, “… I like to make extra trips to the doctors’ rooms just so I can make her feel uncomfortable.”

Months passed… months of seeing this same woman on a weekly basis, for every doctor’s trip that Cecilia made… months of awkward stares and no words exchanged between the two of us. Months of noted tension between the two of them but I never asked why there was tension to begin with.

Three years passed by, with these same repeated weekly doctors’ trips. I had gotten very used to seeing this woman… until one day, out of the blue, while standing on Cecilia’s veranda, she laughs and announces to me, “You know Ingrid[1] from the doctors’ rooms? She committed suicide.” I stared at Cecilia in shock and disbelief. I had no words. But my silence was all that was needed for Cecilia to explain to me, detail for detail, how Ingrid had committed suicide.

“Her boyfriend was having an affair and she was furious, but she wouldn’t leave him. Ingrid wanted him to leave the other woman, but he wouldn’t. So, Ingrid decided that she’s going to attempt suicide… planning it out to happen in a way that her boyfriend would be able to rescue her just in time, just before she dies… except, things did not go as she planned, and she ended up killing herself…” Cecilia burst into chaotic laughter, only to then happily explain further, “When Ingrid was alone in her flat, she overdosed on pills. Her boyfriend was supposed to come home just a few minutes after she would have passed out unconscious, except that this time, for the first time, he decided to rather stop at a bar instead for a few drinks… all without telling Ingrid.”

This was horrific. I was speechless. All I could utter was, “How did you know all these details for Ingrid committing suicide?”

“Oh… you should know by now that I just know things,” Cecilia smirked. That was the end of discussion, and the last time that this woman was ever spoken of ever again. With every further doctor’s trip, I searched aimlessly to find Ingrid. I did not want to believe that she was dead… but I had never seen her again after her suicide.


[1] Alias. Name reserved for investigation purposes.