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The Werewolf Eats

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Within the first week of having met Cecilia, werewolf/wolf topics had already been overly discussed. I had already heard the variation of reasons for why Cecilia would fully transform but, as far as I had gathered, by that point, the transformations would mostly happen around full moon… or, at least, when I was not present. The reality of knowing someone who could transform into a werewolf/wolf was still far beyond my comprehension… it was surreal. Even though I did not understand this world that Cecilia came from, I did not question it either… after all, there are still many things in this world that we are still trying to understand… and still many things that we are finding out… and, at the same time, our reality is not everyone else’s reality either. We all live different lives. We have all experienced different things. Who are we to question… especially if we have no backing information to fully argue against it?

Despite the surreal werewolf/wolf topic, I honestly did not expect to experience one… at least not so soon into having met Cecilia.

It was an ordinary day. Nothing was wrong. Everyone was carrying on with their own things and their usual discussions at Cecilia’s flat. General chit chat and laughs. Nothing out of the ordinary. Later toward the afternoon, Cecilia starts motioning that she is not feeling well. She looked awfully pale.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Ria, very worried at the sudden onset of Cecilia’s appearance.

“I… I think my protein level is too low. I need to eat… I need meat… before… before I…” Cecilia uttered.

Ria began quickly gathering her things and grabbed her car keys. She knew immediately what Cecilia was referring to. I was completely clueless, but I did not ask. Ria seemed to know what the solution is, so I was just there if she needed help. I was still merely learning this world.

We all quickly rush to Ria’s car. I sat silently in the back seat. Cecilia did not look well. She had her head tilted on the headrest. She looked as if she was getting worse. Ria was in a panic. The more we drove, the worse Cecilia seemed to get. I started to panic, but I did not say anything.

We suddenly arrive at a butchery. Cluelessly, I wait in the car while Ria and Cecilia go inside. A few moments later, they come back with a big bag… FULL of meat.

“Are you sure that’s enough?” Asks Ria concerned.

“Yes! … and there’s a LOT of blood in the meat too, so it’s perfect,” exclaims Cecilia.

We get back to Cecilia’s flat and Cecilia goes to her bedroom and closes the door. Ria motions for me to wait with her in the living room. Finally, I ask, “What’s going on?”

“Cecilia needs meat. She needs to eat… a LOT of meat… her protein level is too low. She needs to change into a werewolf to eat because she will absorb the protein faster than if she were human… but… but don’t worry… she said she’s going to lock her bedroom door before she changes just in case…” stuttered Ria, still in a panic.

I sat quietly on the couch and so did Ria. We sat in complete silence… staring at the passageway… listening… then looking at each other nervously… then looking back at the passageway again… not knowing what we should expect… would we hear screams from the painful transformation… savage ripping of meat being torn as its eaten… or a sudden loud bang and the bedroom door would break open… and a werewolf would come chaotically rushing down the passageway? Time felt as if it had frozen.

Fear had gripped both Ria and me. Fear of coming face-to-face with a werewolf. Cecilia said that when she transforms into a werewolf, she has the instincts of a werewolf: hunt and kill. She would have no recognition of who anyone was. Recognition came through scent, not appearance or memory. Only occult members who also had the werewolf/wolf bloodline and Louisa would be recognized. Louisa was Cecilia’s daughter… a generational werewolf… Louisa would carry a werewolf scent. Ria and I… were food.

The silence felt unending. It was dead quiet… too quiet. But Ria and I sat frozen on the couch… just waiting.

Abruptly Cecilia rips her bedroom door open. Ria and I jump with fright… but we hear footsteps. Not the chaotic rushing of paws and claws. Cecilia casually walks into the living room with a big smile on her face.

“Did you eat all the meat?” Asked Ria nervously.

“Yup,” replied Cecilia with a grin on her face… and then bursts out laughing, “What’s wrong with you two? You look scared…”

Ria and I stayed silent. Cecilia stood and grinned at both of us, and then motioned for us to go to her bedroom. I braced myself… what was I walking into? What was I going to see? Ripped meat packages and blood all over the floor? Torn bedding? We were walking into a room where a werewolf had just devoured a lot of bloody meat…

One step through the door and I was confused. Everything looked exactly the same as it did before we went to the butchery. My eyes start quickly examining every area of the room, trying to find any traces of packing, pieces of meat… or blood… anywhere. Nothing. It was perfectly clean. How was that possible? Did Cecilia eat the bag and the meat packaging as well?