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Divisions Within The Friendship Group

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Towards the third year of knowing Cecilia, newer… different… members were being added to Cecilia’s friendship group. The difference between these people was exceptionally clear. The type of people they were, based on their personalities and background… and especially the way Cecilia treated them… were very clear indicators to the roles these people played in Cecilia’s life and her plans.

There were three categories, within Cecilia’s group of friends:

#1. The Most Used

Ria and I, the mother and the best friend… the one was used, unknowingly, to recruit more members into the group, and the one who financed Cecilia’s demands. We were treated with favoritism but also ridicule, and always had to meet exceptionally high demands.

#2. The Added Extras

Marinda, Le Roux, Marcel, and numerous unmentioned others… these people were added to the group just in case Cecilia ever needed to replace someone, or if she ever needed anyone for anything else, like a doctor, advocate and so on. There were no demands placed on them, although they were also sometimes subjected to ridicule. But these people were treated as normal friends, who would visit just as friends would.

#3. The Elite Three

There were three[1] people who clearly stood out from the rest of the friendship group… no demands were ever made of them and you would never dare ridicule them. They were Cecilia’s ultimate favorites. She kissed the ground that they walked on. She was the one that jumped to their every beck and call.


[1] Names cannot be mentioned due to investigations.