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Le Roux And Marcel Steyn

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Le Roux Steyn

Le Roux Steyn

Marcel Steyn

Marcel Steyn


Le Roux and Marcel Steyn were first introduced to Cecilia when they were only around 10 and 8 years old. Both Le Roux and Marcel were always exceptionally polite but also very quiet and reserved. They seemed very withdrawn, even within themselves.

Le Roux and Marcel were exceptionally obedient to Marinda. They would jump up, with no hesitation at all, whenever Marinda would tell them to do something. They would not even say a word. They just did as told, without hesitation or question. They were both exceptionally different to today’s teenagers, who generally take their time in doing something or make excuses. The way in which Le Roux and Marcel responded to Marinda’s orders were always so prompt…. it was almost as if they feared her.


There were several occasions where Marinda would leave Le Roux at Cecilia’s flat for days on end, especially during the school holidays. Marinda was not concerned at all about her son’s well-being, or if he even wanted to be at Cecilia’s flat at all. She would simply tell Le Roux that this is where he will be staying and to do as told whenever Cecilia gave him instructions. Right from the very beginning stages, at 10 years old, Le Roux was forced into being around Cecilia and forced into obeying her orders.

On one occasion, when I arrived at Cecilia’s flat, Le Roux was passed out on couch in the living room. I tip toed quietly passed him to go to Cecilia. Without me even saying a word, Cecilia looked at me and burst out laughing, saying, “Have you seen Le Roux?”

“Yes… he’s sleeping. Why?”

“I got him soooo drunk last night… so much that he could not even stand on his feet!” Cecilia laughed.

“Ummm… but he’s only 10… why are you getting him drunk?”

“Because it’s funny! … He didn’t want to at first, but y’know teenagers… they need to be rebellious… so I told him to drink, and he did. He even wanted to throw up but I kept giving him more,” smirked Cecilia.

I was shocked speechless. Le Roux was just a child… and he did not even want to drink. I was confused. Eventually, I said, “I don’t think Marinda will like it if she knows he got drunk…”

Cecilia burst into hysterical laughter and said, “She knows about it! She was laughing with me on the phone last night when I was busy getting him drunk!”

I was now horrified. Marinda approved of her son being drunk. I could not wrap my mind around this. Le Roux was such a sweet and polite boy, but now Cecilia was trying to get him to become rebellious… and Marinda was encouraging it.


According to Cecilia, demons were drawn to the smell of blood, and blood also opened spiritual doorways for demons to get in to attack her as well.

Before Marcel reached puberty, Cecilia and Marinda discussed this issue intensely. Marcel often stayed over at Cecilia’s flat, so if Marcel started menstruating, it will pose as a threat to Cecilia’s safety. Between Cecilia and Marinda, they both decided that Marcel would go for injections, every month, in order to never have a menstrual period… ever in her entire life. Marcel was forbidden from having her period. She was forbidden from crossing that milestone in a woman’s life. She had never experienced this part of growing up as a woman.

As many women like to joke about how nice it would be to not ever have a menstrual period in their lives, this sadly, was not a joking factor for Marcel. Having Marcel’s period forcefully stopped, would have caused numerous problems for her emotionally, mentally, and physically.[1] Among the numerous symptoms that could have resulted, an increase in her depression and anxiety levels would have been undoubtedly the bare minimum, which then would have also added to any potential added psychological problems… given the scenario she was trapped in with Cecilia.[2]