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The Occult High Night Cecilia Messed Up

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With every occult high night, Ria and several members of Cecilia’s group would be present, with Cecilia, at her flat. Ria was present the vast majority of the time, while the other members would rotate in taking turns, in order to allow each member to get some rest and peace of mind. Occult high nights with Cecilia were mentally, emotionally, and physically draining to a very extensive degree. Rest was a high requirement.

On one particular occult high night, Ria could not be present as she had to attend one of her teaching classes, so Ria asked me to take her place to be there with Cecilia and the other members of her group. Ria knew that she could rely on me as I had been through countless occult high night scenarios with Cecilia before, and I was very used to what would happen and I knew what needed to be done. Although, when Marinda found out that Ria had chosen me to take her place that night, she became angry. Marinda then instructed me to stay out of the way because they know what they are doing. My presence that night was very clearly unwelcomed by Marinda.

However, this night was no ordinary night… but no one else, who was present, had even realized what really happened…

As the hours ticked by, leading further into the night, the atmosphere became tense. Everyone was preparing for something to happen. The attacks that Cecilia would experience were generally from 8pm to 3am the next morning, so every member was on high alert, as always, to make sure that Cecilia was safe, especially during this specific time period.

Everything seemed to be quiet… everything seemed to be going well. Everyone became calmer and more settled into thinking that on this night, there would be no attacks that would have managed to reach Cecilia. Cecilia, as always, was standing by her bedroom window, smoking, and peering out onto the quiet street that she lived on. Normal discussions started taking place… there were jokes and laughter, just like there would be at any general gathering of friends.

Next minute, we all hear Cecilia gasp. She grabbed her chest and fell to the floor unconscious. Everyone went into a panic state. Cecilia’s body started convulsing and blood started pouring out of her mouth.

I knew what needed to be done, but Marinda kept pushing me away and shouted, “Stay out of the way!” Marinda and the others, who were there, hovered over Cecilia’s body praying frantically. One member shouted to me to grab the oil, but then never took it from me. So, for the first time during an occult high night attack, I stood there, simply bearing witness to everything that was going on and not being part of it.

I watched the others fumble and panic, completely at a loss as to what to do because Cecilia was getting worse and worse, no matter how much they prayed over her.  One member shouted, “She’s dying. Her pulse is getting too low!” And everyone began panicking even more so that this would be the night that Cecilia would finally die.

Cecilia started clenching her eyes and screaming in sheer terror, as if her eyes were being gouged out. With what I had learnt, in the beginning stages with occult high nights, when Cecilia is attacked, you pray over the oil and place it wherever Cecilia is being attacked and this method would work each time. But none of the members were doing this. They looked lost.

Immediately, I prayed over the oil, as I rubbed it onto the palm of my hands. I then pushed my way through the group that was hovering over Cecilia’s body, placed my hands on her eyelids… instantly, the attack stopped!

Cecilia abruptly jumped up off the ground moaning, “My eyes are burning, my eyes are burning! Who put oil on my eyes?” I instantly felt guilty. I knew that was my fault because I did it… but, after all, it did stop the attack on her life.

Cecilia immediately went to her windowsill and grabbed a cigarette to smoke. She was perfectly fine, except for the fact that her eyes were burning. Marinda was furious with me because I had interfered, so she did not want to be near me. So, she walked out of the room with the other members of the group.

I went and stood by Cecilia. I was completely quiet. I felt so guilty because her eyes were burning and that was my fault. I did not say a word. But while I was standing there with her, Cecilia casually smirked and said, “I heard Marinda keep shouting at you to stay out of the way, but I like the way you pushed yourself through the group to put your hands on my eyes to try and save me.” This one simple statement sent me into instant confusion.

Whenever Cecilia experiences an attack, where she collapses to the floor, that is when her soul (or her consciousness) has been taken from her body to an occult ritual site, to then be tortured. What we would then experience, from her body, were replications of what was happening to her at the ritual site. Cecilia… or specifically, her soul (or consciousness), would never be there with us in the room, while the attack was going on, so she would then be completely unaware of what had been going on with her physical body, and the events that happened in her flat… all simply, because she was not in her physical body.

The immediate confusion in my mind came from the question, “How did she know what Marinda said? And how did she know I pushed my way through the group, and that it was my hands that were placed on her eyes?” No one had said a word to Cecilia about this ordeal. Cecilia was not supposed to have been there, not consciously anyway. I was completely confused… yet, starting to get a glimpse into the truth of these occult attacks. From the dumbstruck confused look on my face, Cecilia could clearly see that I was starting to realize the truth. After that night, I was never allowed back on an occult high night.