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Louisa, The Wolf

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As soon as Louisa had started to learn how to crawl, Cecilia had begun teaching her the ways of the wolf. Cecilia’s came from a werewolf/wolf bloodline, so Louisa would automatically inherit these same werewolf/wolf genetics because of their occult lineage. Cecilia was adamant in teaching her daughter on how to behave like a wolf, since she was already one.

Cecilia would teach Louisa to eat out of a bowl, like a dog, on all fours. She taught Louisa how to pant, with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. She taught Louisa to walk on all fours, instead of standing on her two legs. She taught her to sniff and lick objects, and she taught her how to howl too. There were endless scenarios where I had witnessed Louisa acting like a wolf, and together with Cecilia, they would both howl as loud as they could over and over again. Cecilia would even regularly tell Louisa, “Ag, jy is die oulikste wolfie.” (English translation: “Oh, you are the cutest baby wolf.”)

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