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The Cemetery And The Prison

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By the second year of my friendship with Cecilia, I already knew the predictable routes we would use, when driving through Krugersdorp. However, Cecilia seemed to want to extend the routes to more interesting destinations.

The one day, while driving, Cecilia excitedly says, “I want to show you something!”

“What is it?”

“Wait, I’ll show you…” and then Cecilia directed me down roads that we had never been down before.

I started to worry because we were getting closer and closer to reaching her occult boundary lines, so I braced myself for any onset attacks that Cecilia might start having. But we kept driving… and driving… I went from panicking… to confused. Cecilia was fine. We had driven quite far from her flat, but nothing had happened to her. Eventually I reassured myself that Cecilia knows where her boundary line is, so she would not be stupid by trying to even get close to it. I calmed myself.

“Turn here,” Cecilia excitedly says and then directs me down another few roads. “Okay, stop!”

We were parked outside of a cemetery. This was a strange stop to make but by this time point, Cecilia was fairly unpredictable, so I did not even bother to question why we were there.

Cecilia glared into the cemetery, scanning it, as if she was looking for something. Then she says, “Okay, it’s safe, drive inside.”

The Burgershoop Cemetery
Wagen Street, Krugersdorp

A few meters in and I park the car. We were in a cemetery. This was just odd. There was no one there. It was quiet. Why would a trip to a cemetery be interesting?

“This is where they often hold the rituals,” Cecilia ever so proudly announces and then points to certain spots in the cemetery to indicate exactly where the rituals had taken place. “Rituals are actually done often in cemeteries because it’s easier to hide the dead bodies when human sacrifices are made…”

In disbelief at the proud look on Cecilia’s face and hearing this piece of information, it felt like all the blood had drained from my body… shivers went down my spine.

Cecilia laughs, “It’s actually quite funny because we just dig open a grave and throw the other dead person on top of the other one that’s already in there!”

The look on my face must have said it all. I was horrified.

“What!? At least they have company when they are dead!” Cecilia laughs. “… and if we didn’t manage to kidnap anyone for a sacrifice, we just use one of the dead bodies from the graves too! … Ohhh… and also, if we need certain body parts or organs, this is a quick and easy place to get them from too!”

I was beyond speechless… this was so gruesome… so twisted… I was beyond comprehension of what I was hearing… of the things that would happen for human sacrifices… and the poor people? Their loved ones are being dug up and used for a ritual? Or another body is thrown on top of them instead? I was disgusted… shocked… there were no words.

Cecilia quickly motions to look around her, on high alert. She glares into the distance at a tall tree. “Quick, we need to go! One of them are here. Go, go, go, before they see us!”

I quickly drive out of the cemetery and Cecilia suddenly becomes extremely calm and placid, while my nerves and mind are feeling very traumatized.

“Okay, now let me show you the next place,” Cecilia excitedly again announces.

By this point, I was bracing myself for what I should expect. After the cemetery, I was already shaking.

After a few turns, we stop on the side of the road. There is nothing here. I was confused. It was a busy road and there were just bushes next to it.

Cecilia then points to a building in the distance, “You see that? It’s the prison…”

“Oh… okay?” I had no idea how to respond.

Krugersdorp Correctional Services
Tronk Street, Krugersdorp

“Yea, I’ve been inside there soooo many times. I know exactly what it’s like inside and how everything operates,” Cecilia brags with gleaming smirk on her face.

Bracing myself, I asked, “But why on Earth would you go to a prison? Do you know anyone there?”

Cecilia casually responds, “I go there often! But it’s just to visit random inmates… I just go there to minister to them and counsel them… things like that.”

“Don’t you get nervous being inside of a prison? I mean… it’s a prison…”

“Agh, no, not at all! It’s actually very nice inside there… even the cells where the prisoners stay is nice… it’s definitely nicer than what you see in the movies,” says Cecilia again with a smirk on her face. “Okay, let’s go home.”

Disturbed and confused are the only words I could use to describe the sequence of those two trips. I reasoned, within myself, that Cecilia had probably wanted to take me to the cemetery to share part of what her life used to be like… to have someone to talk to about what had gone on in her past… for me to be able to try and understand where she came from.

Oddly, the trips to the cemetery and prison became frequent trips whenever I would visit Cecilia… and they always followed in the same manner: first the cemetery and then the prison. Never the other way round.

As the months progressed, Cecilia’s group grew bigger… and the visits, among these new group members, was almost every weekend… but the difference, now, was that the new people in Cecilia’s group were murderers. They were excessively friendly… some seemed normal… but they were never shy in admitting to having killed people. Thoughts started hounding my mind, wondering if these new friends were people from the same prison that Cecilia had taken me to on so many occasions. Dare I ask? No! I was too busy looking over my shoulder and trying to breathe.

Now that years have passed by, and so much has been uncovered, the thought poses in my mind: were the trips to the cemetery and prison a foretelling of future events? The cemetery would have represented the people who had been killed and disposed of so carelessly, while the prison would have represented where Cecilia would be spending the rest of her life in. The sequence of past events; echoed the sequence of the events that happened.