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The Freemason Temple

It was an ordinary and usual day with Cecilia, driving up and down the regular streets in Krugersdorp. The same roads, the same sights… it was honestly becoming rather mundane, but there was nothing else to do… that is, if the occult was not busy trying to kill Cecilia. Passing down Kruger Street, suddenly Cecilia points her finger and says, “Turn here…”

I turn right, slowly driving down Halse Street. Cecilia gleans out her window at the few buildings that we pass. I reach the end of the road and ask, “Now what?”

“Uhhh… turn right again…”

I turn right, and only a few meters away, Cecilia again says, “Turn right.”

Confused, yet not bothered, I follow her instructions, now carrying on driving down Von Brandis Street… all the way until we reach Kruger Street again. We have just merely circled the block. At the traffic lights, Cecilia again says, “Turn right…”

As we reach nearing the turn for Halse Street, Cecilia again says, “Turn right…”

“You do know that we’re going in circles, right?”

Cecilia just looks at me but says nothing. You could see her mind was busy. We proceed down Halse Street, yet again… Only to repeat this same pattern, driving in circles, a couple of times over… and all the while, both of us remain in silence.

Eventually, I break the silence and ask, “What are you looking for?”

Cecilia again says nothing. Eventually, as we pass a building, on Halse Street, Cecilia perks up and with a smirk on her face says, “You know that’s the Freemason Temple that we keep passing…”

The Freemason Temple
Halse Street, Krugersdorp Stands, Krugersdorp

“Oh… okay?”

Cecilia then, with an evil grin, says, “You know that women are never allowed in the temple. It’s forbidden. I want to see if we can sneak inside.”

I look back at Cecilia, confused yet also fairly disinterested. But to add some excitement to a boring day, I agreed to Cecilia’s detailed plans for how we could sneak inside. I park the car outside of the outside the building. Cecilia jumps out excitedly and runs to the door. I try quickly tag along to keep up with her. She knocks the door. No on answers. She knocks again… and again. The door opens.

A woman opened the door. I was somewhat confused and so was the look on the woman’s face. Cecilia quickly starts some nonsense talk… pretending that she is needing directions to find a certain place in Krugersdorp. The woman happily assists… but while the woman is talking, Cecilia presses the dial button her phone to call my phone. My phone rings. I answer. This was part of the plan. I pretend to be in a conversation and while I am so deeply rooted in this conversation, I casually start pacing up and down while I talk… to then finally walking through the door, pretending as If I did not know women were not allowed inside. I then carry on with this conversation, walking room to room… and even into the temple itself. The woman and Cecilia were still having a long discussion at the entrance, and no one could see me by this point, so I quickly took photos of the inside of the temple and one of the rooms. My hands were shaking so much. I was beyond nervous. I was not supposed to be inside. I then walk back to the front door, to where Cecilia and this woman are still having a discussion. Seeing that my phone conversation had now ended, Cecilia exclaimed excitedly at me, “Okay, let’s go!”

We say our goodbyes to the woman and get in the car. Cecilia bursts out laughing hysterically, “It worked! It worked! Did you take photos?”

I nod my head. By this point, my nerves were a wreck. But at this point, I also realize what I had done… and I burst out laughing. We looked like two children who had done something mischievous.

“Quickly, let’s go show Ria!” Shouts Cecilia.

As we drive off, Cecilia starts fidgeting in her seat. She seemed wrestles. I did not ask. The longer I remained silent, the more she seemed anxious.

We arrive at her flat but instead of going inside, Cecilia motions me to hurry to run into the hospital with her. Confused, I tag along.

“What’s going on?”

“Umm… there was something happening at the temple. I could smell the blood when we drove off. Akesiha astralled to go and check,” explained Cecilia looking very disturbed.

We stand at the hospital in silence for a couple of minutes, until eventually Cecilia exclaims, “Oh my gosh! You know when we were at the temple… there was a guy outside… at the back of the building… he was busy washing down the blood off the floors. There was soooo much blood!”

I look back at Cecilia horrified.

“They had obviously just finished with a sacrifice or something…” Cecilia casually says… and then, with an evil smirk on her face adds, “Or maybe they killed one of the members because… y’know… if you break the rules for some reason, they will kill you for it.”

I stare at Cecilia in shock. My hair stood on end. I felt frozen. It felt like every ounce of blood had just been drained from me. Had I just been at a murder scene?

Cecilia motions for us to walk back to her flat. My feet felt wobbly. My nerves were on edge. As soon as we get inside and see Ria, Cecilia bursts out laughing hysterically, so much that she could barely catch her breath. Ria looks at Cecilia confused but curious as to why she is laughing hard. She then looks at me, but I stay silent.

Cecilia quickly motions, “Show Ria the photos!”

As I open my phone to show Ria the photos, Cecilia begins explaining what had happened at the Freemason Temple… adding the details for the bloody murder. The look on Ria’s face was obvious. She did not know whether she should be excited about the mischievous event… or be worried about the potential murder. But Ria’s nerves quickly became edgy. She tried to ask more questions, but she was lost for words…