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The Attempts Got Desperate

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Since Cecilia had no means of finding my physical location, nor even having received a response from me to any of her text messages, she finally resorted to social media. After having started the Krugersdorp Killers Facebook Page, and after exposing too many of Cecilia’s lies, I started receiving manipulative messages. At first, I thought the messages were from a random person, who had the freedom of right to say whatever they wanted to say. But, despite my polite replies, the wording used, the diversions on topics, the guilt trips and the utter harassment finally gave Cecilia away. The messages were all in the attempt to silence me because Cecilia was furious, I was busy exposing her.

A genuine person, for a narcissist, can become beneficial if they find use in it; however, it can also become infuriating when they cannot get their way. The below messages from the Facebook posts clearly displayed the anger that was raging in Cecilia.

These were just some of the messages publicly posted on the Facebook Page:

Cecilia’s initial message. My initial response.

Cecilia’s Reply Part 1

Cecilia’s Reply Part 2

Cecilia’s Reply Part 3

Cecilia’s Reply Part 4

My Reply Part 1

My Reply Part 2

My Reply Part 3

My Reply Part 4

After finally realizing that these messages were from Cecilia, I had sent them to the investigators, as well as the profile details… it led back to the same: Cecilia Steyn. A fake profile created to harass and silence me to try silence me. As per investigators orders: banned and blocked… but to be on the lookout because Cecilia will try again.

Not long after and yet again, from even more fake profiles on Facebook, other similar messages were posted, all trying to silence me. Each time, it led back to the same: Cecilia Steyn. Banned and blocked. Everyone has the freedom of speech… just not Cecilia Steyn.

After seeing that Cecilia was not going to get the response she wanted out of me, or that she was able to intimidate me to keep quiet, things became even more personal… very, very personal… the phone calls from Sun City Jail began… week after week…

Phone Calls From Sun City Jail, where Cecilia Steyn and Marinda Steyn are held.
Phone calls were purposely unanswered.