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The “Key Coded” Messages

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After having left Cecilia Steyn, numerous… countless… text messages… for months and years on end had been sent to me, all in an attempt to try find my current location. The messages were always sent from a variation of numbers that I did not recognize. However, the wording used in them was too obvious. The messages sounded exactly like Cecilia. Added, being raised in South Africa, it is also normal to not give away your location, especially to a random stranger. So, these text messages always came to a dead end… I never once replied… but the messages never stopped.

These text messages proceeded to carry on for over a decade, including after Cecilia had been sentenced to jail. She was still in desperate search for me. The messages still ranged from a variation of a casual questions like, “Where are you located now?” to often even stating, “Is this Draco Websites?” The name Draco or Draco Websites was a name only known between Cecilia and me. This was the main giveaway or key message into exposing who exactly was looking for me, and indirectly threatening me because Cecilia knew that if she used that name, she would expose herself. Even over a decade later, I am still now and then, receiving messages using the words Draco Websites.

Just two of the countless messages I have received far too many times…

WhatsApp Message received 24 August 2020
Message sent AFTER final sentencing. No reply was sent. Instantly blocked.

Text Message received 30 Oct 2020
Message sent AFTER final sentencing. No reply was sent. Instantly blocked.

Both these numbers were sent to the investigators to verify who was sending them… and it always resulted the same: Cecilia Steyn.