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Horus And Ra

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Since Cecilia came from a 42 generational lineage, dating back to Ramses II, she had a very strong Egyptian bloodline. Cecilia was very Egyptian based when it came to many things, including occult beliefs and practices. A number of her DID parts had Egyptian names. Generational occult members also often referenced themselves by using the names of the Egyptian gods. It was typical occult practice.

To the ancient Egyptians, Horus[1] was one of the most powerful deities. The pharaohs in Egypt were associated with Horus since pharaoh was considered to be the earthly embodiment of god. Horus was believed to be the god of war.

Ra[2] was the king of the deities and the father of all creation. He was the patron of the sun, heaven, kingship, power, and light. While Ra possessed many literal forms, he also expressed himself differently when combined with other deities. Combined with Horus, he became Ra-Horakhty or “Ra-Horus in the horizon.” Horus represented Ra in human form as the Pharaoh in Egypt. Ra was an integral component of the cosmos, guiding the thoughts and actions of the Egyptians.

The death curses that were embedded into Cecilia’s DID system were commonly known as Horus and Ra death curses. To undo any occult programming, within Cecilia, or to have removed her further out of the occult’s control, these death curses would automatically trigger, and Cecilia would then die.

Since the beginning stages of Ria having met Cecilia, numerous threatening text messages had been sent to other people,[3] all in the guise of fooling others into believing that Cecilia was legitimately who she claimed to be.

Cecilia had often made reference to Horus and Ra during the time period that I knew her. Ultimately, she had used the names Horus and Ra (Rha) as a fabricated occult group, who would then send threatening messages to Ria and others in Overcomers Through Christ in order to scare and control them.

“The girl (Cecilia), Ria Grunewald is watching, has 25 years of programming. She is very important to us, and we would not want her to die an unnecessary death. She has hundreds of curses and triggers which can be triggered at any time. Ria Grunewald has been warned that she is taking this issue too lightly. We will not be giving this girl up and do not want to see her harmed, but we will not take responsibility for any curses triggered by any person/persons including Ria Grunewald that results in her death. You have some knowledge in this matter, and we would like you to advise your pupil to stay clear.”
~ Text Message[4] sent to other people[5]

“Through various attempts to get Ms Ria Grunewald to stay away from the young girl (Cecilia) she is watching we are still at a loss. The brotherhood, (that is the Generational Satanic Church are the brotherhood of RAM) the brotherhood will not give this girl up. She has 25 years of programming, death curses and triggers. We have tried to warn Ms Grunewald to keep her distance from them. She is close to triggering death curses of Horus and Ra, but she pays us no attention. She has information and evidence on the pack and this organisation that we think is a private matter. She enjoys distributing this information and this can be hazardous for both parties involved. The brotherhood is deeply concerned about this girl’s wellbeing for there was a lot of time and work that went into her, and we will not give her up under any circumstances. We would advise you and for your friend’s sake to please ask her to stay clear of these matters for they are delicate, and we wish not to see unnecessary bloodshed. We will go to any length to keep our possession and secrets intact. If you cannot persuade her, we will persuade her by other means and that will be dangerous for all concerned.”
~ Text Message[6] sent to other people[7]

Email threat sent to Ria Grunewald from Horus and Rha (6 May 2008)
The ‘3 year old’ is in reference Anya.

Email threat sent to Ria Grunewald from Horus and Rha (15 May 2008)
‘Her’ is in reference to Cecilia/Anya.

Email threat sent to members of Ria’s Ministry Team[8] (Overcomers Through Christ)
‘B.O.R.’ is in reference to Brothers Of Ram

In addition to these threatening text messages, Ria was also offered money to leave Cecilia, and then ultimately, the messages resorted to threatening to kill Ria’s family and friends as well.[9]

Even though these messages were used as to scare and control, they were more solidly providing evidence for Cecilia’s claims, and the fact that Cecilia’s life was at risk. These messages, ultimately, caused Ria to become more solidly devoted to protecting Cecilia in every way possible. The more real the threats were, the more Ria wanted to protect Cecilia.


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