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Cecilia Leaves The Occult

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Cecelia leaving the occult was abrupt and unexpected, even by Cecilia, herself, as well. She had managed to acquire every skill and ability possible and had the ranking of being the most powerful in the world. Every demon was at her disposal. She was the bride of satan. She had reached the full epitome of who she was to become, and it was at this very point in time when God stepped in to change the course of her life.


Since Cecilia refused to return to the occult, the occult had resorted to sacrificing her mother, Elise, on 31 October as punishment towards Cecilia.

On the night of Elise’s death, Cecilia had been taken out of her body, as an astral, to the ritual site where her mother was to be sacrificed. Cecilia was then placed on her knees, in front of her mother, so that she could witness the brutal torture inflicted, and ultimately to then witness her mother being set alight, while still alive, to die an agonizing death on an upside down cross as the sacrificial offer and punishment for Cecilia leaving the occult.

When Cecilia had returned to her body, she was in hysterical tears and extremely remorseful over her mother’s death, stating that, “If she had chosen differently, then her mother would have been saved. Elize would not have to have died.”[1]


In order to punish and control Cecilia, after her leaving the occult, the occult then set a boundary curse on her. This meant that Cecilia was only able to move within a certain radius or boundary area, within the Krugersdorp. The boundaries were meant to confine Cecilia so that she was not able to escape the torture inflicted on her by the occult, and so that the occult could always maintain a constant watch over her. Whenever Cecilia came close to one of her boundary points, her breathing would instantly become faint, even to the point where she would pass out from oxygen deprivation.

In the beginning stages, after Cecilia having left the occult, her boundaries would span as far as a 10km radius from her flat. As months and years passed, especially after each time Cecilia had attempted to try pass through these boundary points, the occult would then shorten these boundaries to a much more confined area, being a 5km radius.


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