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Sister, Sister

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Cecilia often spoke of her two sisters, who were her half-sisters. They were Piet and Mara’s biological children and, merely, ordinary people who were part of the occult. They had no status or ranking, nor any kind of supernatural abilities as well. Because of Mara’s ordinary status in the occult, Cecilia’s sisters could never even hope to amount to much, so they merely observed the occult as a family tradition, nothing more than that. However, Cecilia’s sisters loved to spy on her, so that they could report back information to their father and the occult, which would result in trouble for Cecilia.

Cecilia’s eldest sister, Paige[1], was tall and slender, with shoulder length black hair and a somewhat formal, yet posh, sense of dress code. She resembled nothing like that of Cecilia, nor Piet and Mara for that matter as well. Paige was boisterous and outspoken, and she had managed to acquire a favorable position in the workplace because of the occult. However, Paige had no blood relation to Cecilia whatsoever; Paige was merely a stranger who was rarely introduced to others.

The youngest sister, Levine[2], resembled Cecilia to a certain extent, but she had long blonde hair and looked very much like Mara. Her sense of dress code was modest, and her personality was exceptionally reserved. Levine was married with three children; however, the three children were in the custardy of Piet and Mara because Levine and her husband were said to be abusive and negligent of being able to look after them. On the condition that Louisa’s children not be harmed by Mr Brand, Levine and her husband were instructed to visit Cecilia often so that they could spy on her and report information back to him and the occult.


[1]Alias. Name reserved for privacy.
[2]Alias. Name reserved for privacy.