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The Bride Of Satan

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Cecilia claimed that for her wedding to satan, she had worn a pure white dress, which was to symbolize her innocence and her celibacy, which had been saved for this specific day: the day in which she would be married to satan.

Members of the occult gathered at a specific location, where an altar was set up and candles were lit. The occult members would chant, and an animal was sacrificed in order to gather its blood. All the requirements were to be met that would cause satan to appear, physically, in his natural demonic form in front of everyone present. Once satan had appeared, he stood next to Cecilia, his bride-to-be.

The wedding document stated the ceremonial events:

Priest, “We are gathered tonight with Cecilia and her infernal majesty to join them in the ancient right of hand fasting for them the flames of hell leap and the haunt ones do initiate revelry. Here these shall become as one though each one lust desire and power. May infernal blessings rain down bestow all manners of earthly delights. No enemy nor spiteful force shall separate them unwillingly for they shall live within eternal light ever embraced within the mighty bosom of hell. Their paths are paved with blood which represents experience and memories thereafter. Drinking now, the potions of passion…. Oh, you of great spawn (Cecilia’s nickname in the occult was Spawn of satan). The great spawn of the worms of the earth who the hell fire frames in the depth of my jaws. Who I have prepared as a cup for the wedding or as flowers regarding the chambers of lust. Stronger are your feet than the barren stone. Mightier are your voice than the manifold wind for you are become as a building such as is not save the mind of the all-powerful manifestation of satan…”

The priest takes up the crystals from the altar and raise it to the north.

Priest: “… your strength and contingency shall keep them together as long as she lives…”

Lucifer came forth and whisked about us. The rushes, the torments. He fills us with our lungs with life.

Priest: “… One season let it comfort another and let there be no creatures upon or within her the same. All the numbers let them differ in their qualities and let them be no creatures equal with one another. The reasonable creatures of the earth and men let them wax and weed out one another and the dwelling places. Let them forget their names. The work of man and his pomp. Let them be defaced. His buildings let them become caves for the pieces of the field. Confound her understanding with darkness… Upon the wide gates of hell, the lower heavens beneath you. Let them serve you, govern those who govern. Cast down such as fall… The lords of hell are present to witness this deed in the sight of the dark forces. That be throughout the cosmos. With words of ancient tongue and secret deeds lain hidden… Dark gods of love, passion, and desire, bless this union and stir their hearts to eagerness and revelry…”

Cecilia and satan up.

Priest: “Until this moment, you have been separated in thought, word and action. As this cord binds together your hands so do your lives become joined.”

The priest takes this cord from the altar and ties together satan’s left hand and Cecilia’s right hand.

Priest: “Cecilia, you bring the energy of Babylon, boldness, dark intuitive and soft. I bid you blend these energies with satan to make her life whole. Take this cup as a symbol of your lust.”

The priest takes this chalice from the altar and put it in Cecilia’s left hand.

Priest: “Satan you bring the energy of yourself, expansive, bright, logical, and hard. I bid you bend these energies with yours, so she can be whole. You wield this blade as the symbol of your lust.”

The priest takes up short sword from the altar and places it in satan’s right hand.

Satan: “I pledge my blade as the pledge of my soul, as I pledge my soul. Like this blade of lust for you will be strong and enduring.”

Satan put the knife through Cecilia.

Satan: “… by life and lust, I, satan take you, Cecilia, into my spirit.”

Cecilia: “I pledge this chalice as I pledge my soul ever to your service as from this cup my love for you will pour forth so that our lives together will be nourished… I, Cecilia, take you satan to my hand, my heart and my spirit.”

Cecilia catches her own blood and gives it to satan. Satan dips the blade into the chalice and puts the blade into Cecilia.

Satan: “Cecilia, take this as part of myself, a talisman, to protect thee from pain and harm. Our love shall outshine the stars.”

Satan places the jewelry upon Cecilia and kisses her lips.

Cecilia: “Satan take this as part of myself, a talisman, to protect thee from pain and harm. Our love shall outshine the stars.”

Cecilia places the jewelry upon satan and kisses his lips.

Priest: “Do you lord satan, take lady Cecilia to be thy lover and companion?”

Satan: “I do.”

Priest: “Do you lady Cecilia, take lord satan to be they lover and thy companion?”

Cecilia: “I do.”

Priest: “Babylon and satan, female and male… By the secret of the earth and water is this bond woven, unbreakable, irrevocable by the law that created fire and wind is this bond written in your souls… Have no fear and let not the ways of the words of the enlightened give you unease. For Satan is with you now and always.”

Satan and Cecilia kiss.

Priest: “She is he and he is she of one being. Of one whole. Hear these words satanists. Feel her with your substance. I pronounce you mates in everlasting time. Sing, dance, be merry. Make love. Hail satan lord, hail lady satan. So, mote it be.” [1]

After this, satan, in his demonic form, proceeded to have sex with Cecilia on the altar to consummate their marriage. This happened in front of everyone, so they could all bear witness to the marriage.

As the bride of satan, Cecilia Steyn claimed to have been regularly sexually intimate with him. Satan would appear to Cecilia either in his natural demonic form, or in human form, and they would have sex. This was a regular event, ever since Cecilia became the bride of satan. Regular sexual intercourse was to re-establish and reconfirm her commitment to satan, as his bride. Every time Cecilia consented to having sex with satan, she was recommitting herself to him, to the occult and to her destiny to open the gates of hell on Earth.

In the events, where satan would appear in human form, Cecilia claimed that he would appear as a different man each time, but the man would always be an extremely attractive, good-looking man, who would then whisper sweet nothings in her ear, confessing his undying love for her. Cecilia claimed that she always knew when it was satan, when he was in human form, because his eyes were red like blood. Each time he would appear, they would then have sex.


[1] Johannesburg High Court Transcript. SS010-2017 REC (2018-11-13) VOL 20. Certain excerpts have been removed due to the nature of the text.