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The Occult

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The definition of the occult relates to magic, astrology, or any system (group) claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies, that is beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding.[1]


All religions have a magical aspect. In ancient religions like the Egyptian, they believed that through magic, creation had come into being and was sustained. Therefore, magic was more ancient and more powerful than the ancient gods themselves.

It was through magic that the world had been created, magic sustained the world daily, magic healed when one was sick, gave when one had nothing, and assured one of eternal life after death. The Egyptologist James Henry Breasted has famously remarked how magic infused every aspect of ancient Egyptian life and was as much a matter of course as sleep or the preparation of food. Magic was present in one’s conception, birth, life, death, and afterlife and was represented by a god who was older than creation.[2]

Everyday life in Egypt involved beliefs and fear of magic, gods, demons, evils spirits, and so on. They believed that the gods created and controlled life.  

Among these were the seers, wise women who could see the future and were also instrumental in healing. Egyptians of every social class from the pharaoh to the peasant believed in and relied upon magic in their daily lives. Rosalie David explains that magic had been given by the gods to mankind as a means of self-defense and this could be exercised by the king or by magicians who effectively took on the role of the gods. When a king, magician, or doctor was unavailable, however, everyday people performed their own rituals.[3]

Charms and spells were used. One’s name was considered one’s identity, but Egyptians believed that everyone also had a secret name (the ren) which only the individual and the gods knew. To discover one’s secret name was to gain power over them. [4]

References to Egyptian magic were already known in the Pre-Dynastic Period (c. 6000-c. 3150 BCE).[5] Even in the Bible, in the Hebrew Tradition, which was strongly opposed to magic, still did not deny its existence:

10So Moses and Aaron went in to Pharoah, and they did so, just as the Lord commanded. And Aaron cast down his rod before Pharoah and before his servants, and it became a serpent.
11But Pharoah also called the wise men and the sorcerers; so the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments.
12For every man threw down his rod, and they became serpents. But Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.

~ Exodus 7:10-12 (NKJV)

Just as God sent His prophets to speak and act on His behalf, the same was in Egypt with the wise men and sorcerers speaking and acting on behalf of their gods.[6]

Egyptian magic continued to influence all other religions because it was practical. Magic was tightly bound up with writing and most practitioners gained magical knowledge by studying Ancient Scriptures.

In Ancient Egypt, magic was the means for acquiring knowledge (above and below the earth, and all the hidden parts), and gaining control over gods, demons, and the dead, to then be summoned to avert evil or achieve one’s desires.

Magic, often overlapping with what today might be considered science or religion, was a resource for mediating one’s interaction with society and the world. It was a source of protection; a means for healing; a method for ensuring success in business, love, and reproduction; and a platform for predicting the uncertain future. It even lay at the root of many funerary practices. Thus, from birth until death, magic touched all stages of human life.[7]


Throughout the 15th Century, there was a rising hysteria within the Christian Church about the perceived presence of satan worshipers, who were seen as destabilizing influence. These religious satanist groups started with the Christian Churches, during the Burning Times (1792), where witches were burnt at the stake.

Two Dominican priests, Kramer and Sprenger, wrote the book The Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches’ Hammer), which became the main reference text for the genocide. They wrote that satanists:

  • Were mostly women because they were more impressionable, more perfidious, more carnal, more vengeful, and intellectually more like children, than men were. God, being male, preserved men from heresy.
  • Kill, bewitch, and induce plagues.
  • Cause impotence, sterility, abortions, and miscarriages.
  • Attended sexual orgies.
  • Drank the blood of unbaptized infants and then devoured them, and then used their bones to make ritual instruments.
  • Offered their children to demons.
  • Killed or placed curses on people by simply looking at them and uttering a phrase, for something to happen.
  • Beat, break, stab, or step on a crucifix whenever possible.

A second reference text was Guazzo’s Compendium Maleficarum (written around 1620, where he described satanists as:

  • Being able to change from human to animal.
  • Being able to immediately vanish.
  • Having sworn obedience to satan, where their bodies had been branded with his mark.
  • Rejoicing, dancing, eating, and drinking in the presence of satan, who appeared at the celebrations in the form of a hideous and deformed black goat.
  • Suffocated, pierced, and killed their own infants, and cut off their extremities and cooked them.

Near the end of the Burning Times, the concept of the Black Mass was added to the public’s beliefs about satanists. It was allegedly a parody of the Roman Catholic Mass. Urine and dirty water were substituted for wine, and moldy bread or turnips were substituted for the host. Texts were read backwards, and the Crucifix would be spat at and broken. Infants would be sacrificed.

Hundreds of years later, the views on satanism and their practices have changed. However, the killing of babies, selling one’s soul to satan, rituals involving animals and human sacrifices, breaking of Crucifixes, and even shape shifting between human and animal form has still been described by modern Fundamentalists and other Evangelical Christian authors.

Edward Alexander Crowley, Anton Szander LaVey and Michael Aquino reintroduced satanism into the occult in the 20th Century, although their views and practices differed in one way or the other. There are typically 4 types of satanic groups: generational, religious, dabblers and self-styled.

#1. Generational Satanism

The generational satanists were people born from a bloodline of satanism. These people can reach the highest in the hierarchy due to the accumulation of powers through the generations. Generational covens mostly keep to their own kind (pure-blooded).

#2. Religious Satanism

Religious satanists deem satan as a symbol who represents pride, liberty, and individualism – qualities that are often defined as evil. They do not believe in God, satan, the soul, the supernatural or in any form of an afterlife.[8]

#3. Dabblers

These are the people who dabble in a form of satanism. They base their practices from books of Anton LaVey, gothic satanism, and sometimes include elements from books on ceremonial magic, wicca or another neo-pagan religion. Most of these dabblers crave attention, power, and look upon satanism as a method for rebellion.

#4. Self-Styled

Self-styled satanists create their own laws and practices and do not necessarily belong to a coven. They perform various occult practices like Red Indian, witchcraft, Egyptian witchcraft, voodoo, as well as make up their own.


There are many diverse groups within the occult, each divided according to their own beliefs, practices, and status ranking. All of these are combined into three main groups: The Brotherhood of Ram (BOR), Orders of Darkness and Sons of Satan (SOS). According to Cecilia, she belonged to the Brotherhood of Ram (BOR).

The Brotherhood of Ram is the highest order of the unit of the satanists. They occupy respectable positions in society, and they are very secretive. Their function is to see that members obey the rules and that the organization’s secrets are not revealed. They also ensure that the organization has enough money, and look after members financially through pornography, human trafficking, drugs, arms smuggling and prostitution. They save money by infiltrating blood banks and hospitals.

Members of the Brotherhood of Ram are a threat to others because they can give punishments through the high priest. They are often responsible for the disappearance of co-members.

The Brotherhood of Ram is very secretive and keeps no membership records. Even their contracts with satan are burnt on altars by the high priest. The members live double lives and are masters of deception.

You can only become a member of the Brotherhood of Ram if you are specifically recruited or if you are from a generational bloodline of satanists. You need to be a generational satanist, a person of influence in your organization or community and have at least one academic degree behind your name. Each member of this group has personally made a pact with satan, renouncing all other devotions, especially any Christian elements in their past. As the bride of satan, Cecilia Steyn was automatically ordained into being part of this elite group, whereby her pact was signified with her blood.


Twins Are Forbidden

Within the occult, having twins is forbidden for the pure simple fact that one twin will always aim to become more powerful than the other twin, causing unnecessary chaos. So, whenever twins were born, one of the twins ultimately had to be killed, to prevent this from happening.

Tracking Devices

Within the occult, bodily implants were done on every occult member. Various silver satanic signs or objects, which were smaller than a once cent piece, were implanted between the eyes, in the neck or genitals. The implants were to ensure that the occult maintained complete hold over that person.

Schooling For Occult Kids

From an exceptionally young age, generational occult children were schooled separately from other children. They were taught to hate the Christian Church, Jesus Christ, and all that is good, according to the principle: that which is good, is evil, and that which is evil, is good.

They were taught to revolt against all authority, especially their parents. In fact, murdering one’s parents was seen as one of the greatest sacrifices to satan.

Children learnt how to do magic (or gain abilities) and they were forced to attend, and participate, in rituals. They were regularly subjected to ritual abuse, which was used to further condition their minds in being part of the occult.

The children were forced to participate in theft, desecrating graves, tombstones and commit assault. From the age of 5 years old, they were forced to participate in animal sacrifices, which prepares them for human sacrifices.

Ritual Abuse

Children were tortured because pain results in purity. There were many techniques used to inflict abuse on a child, during a ritual ceremony. Some of these methods were:

  • Children were forced to eat spiders and insects.
  • Children were put in open graves or in a coffin, alongside with body parts, snakes, or spiders.
  • Children were frequently urinated on, and their bodies were smeared with farces to disgrace them. In more perverse rituals, the urine and feces were mixed with blood and semen, and then the child was forced to eat it.
  • Incense and candles are burnt to arouse children’s emotions and sexual desires, and then sexual intercourse would then take place with fellow satanists, demons and animals. Drugs were usually administered beforehand to cause the child to hallucinate, which would then ensure greater defenselessness during the sexual abuse.
  • Photographs were taken of obscure sexual acts and used to blackmail the child into being obedient to the coven.
  • At the end of every blood ritual, the children were forced to drink the blood from the chalice or smear it on their bodies.
  • Children were threatened that their parents will be murdered if they break the vow of silence.


Generational occult members were groomed to dress like the average ordinary day person, with the aim of blending into the crowd. Those who were dressed in a goth-like manner, or carried some form of obvious connection to satanism, were claimed to be the wannabes. They were said to be the people who were not much to worry about because they were not generational. They did not have an untainted pure bloodline connection to satan and the occult, so the wannabes had limitations. The genuinely dangerous people were the ones who looked just like you and me.

In addition to looking ordinary, generational occult members often wore a crucifix and attended Catholic Mass on a regular basis. The public areas of their homes were also required to appear normal, and even a Christian Bible had to be present as well. The Christian Bible was used also to memorize Scriptures, which could be quoted whenever necessary. This was all to further establish the deception in the public’s eye and to properly hide the truth.


From the time a child is born, tracking devices and microchips were implanted into them.

Tracking devices were used to ensure the child’s location is known throughout the course of their lives, and to make sure that they cannot escape from the occult, if they should ever try do so.

Numerous microchips were implanted throughout the body, where each had a variation of programs built into them. They were used to control the will of a person, to keep them obedient, if they were not doing as told. If the person ever became disobedient, the microchip would self-destruct and would set off an array of physical pain and trauma. If the person refused to become obedient again, other microchips would self-destruct and, ultimately, cause an excruciatingly painful death.


Halloween (31 October) is the most revered high day/night for every occult member because this is when satan, himself, would present himself during a ritual. The ritual is performed using blood and by occult members having sex with demons.

Halloween’s importance parallels with the importance of Easter, in Christianity. However, Halloween is also mockery of the death of Jesus Christ. From the 1st Oct, human sacrifices are done daily, rotating between sacrificing a child and an adult. This continues, leading up to the 31st, where a man would be sacrificed, which would be the representation of Jesus Christ, and to represent satan’s triumph of Christ’s death.


Human trafficking was a high source of income for those in the occult. They targeted foreigners and the desolate, no matter what age or gender, and they would kidnap and store them in cages to then later decide the use for which these people would serve.

Some of these victims were used as sacrifices in rituals, whereas others would be stored in containers to then be shipped to another part of the world for slave trade.


Young women were impregnated during sexual orgies and then kept in confinement. The sole purpose was to use these new-born babies as sacrifices. Since there would be no record of a child being born, there would be no record or evidence of a murder either. This was an easy method used to use for human sacrifices.


It was forbidden to say Cecilia’s name because if you did, it would invoke occult curses to activate within Cecilia to then kill her. Cecilia was to be called, “C,” and if possible, you should not mention her, whatsoever, in any conversation. Mentioning Cecilia would draw unwanted attention from other occult members and demons as well, which would then result in Cecilia getting harmed.