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The Sadistic Father

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Cecilia Steyn’s father, Mr Brand, was a high priest in the occult, who was also part of the Free Masons and Illuminati. He had an extremely high ranking and played a large role in human trafficking for the occult. He was feared by many. He was deemed solely responsible for Cecilia’s upbringing in occult practices, and he was also held accountable if Cecilia Steyn did not follow any occult practices. If she was disobedient, in any way, her father would undergo punishment, even if it ultimately meant death, because it was his responsibility that she remained obedient to satan and the occult. This was his primary role, aside from already being a high priest, who had an exceptionally high ranking in the occult.

Even though it was generally deemed that the father should be proud that his first-born female inherited the werewolf/wolf bloodline, he maintained an extreme hatred towards her since she was born. Her father was envious of the power and status that Cecilia would acquire in her life. At the same time, her father also feared her because Cecilia could, ultimately, kill him without hesitation or effort on her part at all; all simply because of how powerful she was. Both reasons were used as an excuse to punish and torture Cecilia, since she was born.

Even though, while an occult child is supposed to undergo punishment and torture to cause them to become loyal and obedient to satan and the occult, Cecilia Steyn’s father inflicted torture for his own personal gain. The torture was because of jealousy but also because he needed Cecilia to fear him, so that when she would be older and stronger in her abilities, she would still subconsciously remain fearful of her father.

The fear in Cecilia’s father’s mind set, in addition to this being an occult practice, in order to create DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), Mr Brand began inflicting abuse on Cecilia, while her mother was still pregnant with her. This was done by several means:


Mr Brand would regularly inflict any type of physical abuse that would create a physically hard impact on the womb area, such as punching Cecilia’s mother in the womb, hitting the womb area with a bat, and even physically shoving Cecilia’s mother hard onto the ground or shoving her down a flight of stairs, where she would land on her stomach. Ultimately, each time, causing the fetus to go into distress.


Mr Brand would regularly insert a variation of objects, into Cecilia’s mother’s vagina, which were long enough to reach the womb. He would then proceed with “prodding” the womb repetitively and abusively, all causing the fetus to go into serious distress.

After each of these scenarios, where the fetus had gone into distress, the fetus would have to be revived and doctored urgently, even through surgery, in ordered to be saved again, in order to live.

Cecilia’s mother had to be obedient to these practices because they were the typical occult practices for creating DID within the occult child before they are born. If Cecilia’s mother was not obedient, she would have been physically punished or even killed.

Because of the excessive abuse that Cecilia had received, before she was born, her mother went into labor long before she was due, resulting in Cecilia being born premature and a critically high-risk baby because she was fragile. Because of Cecilia’s premature birth, her growth was stagnant for a long period of time, so she remained so small in size that she was small enough to fit into a shoe box, even up until the age of 1 years old.

Despite being a fragile-born child, her father began with her abuse even during this fragile time period, which also then carried on throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Mr Brand’s hatred and dedication towards abusing Cecilia, was so excessive that he had built an entire room, in his own house, which was dedicated for inflicting abuse. This room was made soundproof, so that no one could hear Cecilia’s screams.

In the center of the room was a hanging rope with a noose, and on each side of the room were chains, placed on the floor and on the ceiling. These were used in order to hang Cecilia, while being abused. Her head would be placed in the noose, in order to choke her. The chains would be used to hold her body up in the air, while also being tied to the ground, keeping Cecilia completely unable to move or get free.

The room was filled with variations of weapons, such as knives, whips with nails, as well as electronic devices that were used for electrocution.

There were numerous abusive type scenarios that Mr Brand would inflict on Cecilia, daily, and excessively sadistically.


While Cecilia was a child, Mr Brand regularly would hang Cecilia in the noose, that was in the centre of the room. Her body would just hang, with the noose tight enough to hold her, to create the sensation of choking her, but not enough for her to pass out. He would tie her arms to the chains that hung from the ceiling and the chains from the floor. He would then start a variation of other abusive methods, such as slashing her body with knives, beating her. After each scenario, he would tighten the noose a bit more, to then repeat the same abusive scenario again. This would continue until Cecilia Steyn would completely pass out from pain and oxygen deprivation. As soon as she had passed out, Mr Brand would then loosen the noose, and while Cecilia is still hanging with her head in it, he would get her back into consciousness again. After Cecilia was again conscious again, Mr Brand would repeat the scenario… over and over again. Ultimately, abusing her to see which was the “final abuse method” that would cause her to completely black out.


There would be variations, among the days that Mr Brand would inflict excessive physical abuse on Cecilia. After hanging her body on the noose, tight enough to hold her, but not tight enough to choke her, tying her arms and legs to the chains, he would then whip Cecilia repeatedly with a whip that had seven lashes, and each lash was covered with spikes and nails, in order to brutally rip through her skin and cause her to bleed excessively. After each lashing, he would tighten the noose and lash her again. Once Cecilia had passed out, either from pain, excessive blood loss or deprivation of oxygen, Mr Brand would revive her and repeat this process all over again; ultimately, until the floor was drenched in Cecilia’s blood.


As Cecilia Steyn started maturing into her early teenage years, Mr Brand would strip Cecilia of her clothes and hang Cecilia in the noose; tight enough to hold her but not tight enough to deprive her of oxygen. Her body would just hang, with the noose tight enough to hold her, to create the sensation of choking her, but not enough for her to pass out. He would tie her arms to the chains that hung from the ceiling and the chains from the floor. He would then resort to using several types of electrocution devices, all in the attempt of sexual abuse. He would attach electrical “tips” to her nipples, and with another electrical device, which could appropriately be described as an excessively long steel dildo, where he would insert it into Cecilia. He would turn on the electrical part of the machine and begin the surge of electrical waves onto her sexual organs, resulting in Cecilia screaming. He would keep increasing the level of the intensity of the electricity, ultimately trying to see at which point she would finally orgasm, and which point she would finally pass out. If Cecilia had passed out, he would revive her, and repeat this process over and over again.


Once Cecilia Steyn had moved out from her father’s house, Mr Brand then would resort to astralling to Cecilia’s home, whereby he would forcefully pull Cecilia out of her body and take her back to an occult ritual site, where a ritual was busy taking place. During the ritual, a victim had already been kidnapped and held hostage by the occult and was then placed on an altar and tied down so they could not escape. Mr Brand would then force Cecilia into this person’s body, causing her to take possession of the body. Excruciating and sadistic methods were used in order to torture this person, whereby Cecilia would feel the full impact of each of these methods. These methods were inflicted continuously, until the person died, as a sacrificial offer to satan. However, just before the person took their last breath, Mr Brand would pull Cecilia out of the body and take her back to her own body again. The wounds that had been inflicted on the “kidnapped” person’s body, now effected and displayed on Cecilia’s own body, just as if she had personally been tortured herself.


While Cecilia was an exceptionally young child, Mr Brand would regularly place her in a coffin, which was filled with masses of deadly insects. He would then bury the coffin in the ground, leaving Cecilia with barely any air to breathe and completely alone in the dark, all while being utterly fear stricken with the deadly insects that were crawling over her body and biting her. She would be left there for extensive periods of time, crying, screaming, and suffocating for air.


Regularly, in Cecilia’s childhood years, whenever her father and her stepmother would go away on holiday, Mr Brand would tie Cecilia to a chain with all the other dogs. However, the chain for Cecilia was too short for her to get to the water bowl, so she would become excessively dehydrated and her lips would crack and start bleeding. The only way to stay hydrated was to lick her bleeding lips. The chain was also too short for Cecilia to reach the dog’s food as well, so she underwent severe starvation, which would last even up to three weeks.

In addition to the abuse inflicted on Cecilia, by Mr Brand, Cecilia claimed that he also used Hitler’s brainwashing techniques on her, while she was still a child. Cecilia claimed that the person, who Hitler used to help brainwash people, was part of the occult and that this practice was a very dominant occult practice used. And as Cecilia matured in age and status, she, herself, learnt these methods to use them on other people to get them to do as told, without question.

Piet Brand

Mr Brand (Piet Brand), Cecilia Steyn’s biological father